How To Share Jazz Balance To Any Network> Its Possible

I will tell you in this article how to share jazz balance? If you also want to know how we can share the balance with our Jazz SIM, you must read this article.

There are many people in Pakistan who use Jazz SIM. And I would say that the most used SIM in Pakistan is Jazz. If we use Jazz SIM, it is very important for us to know everything about it.

So today I will share with you how to share jazz balance? I keep sharing such tricks on my website. If you don’t know how to share on Jazz SIM. So, you guys will read it in full so let’s get started.


Why We Need Balance Share

The need to share the balance can be read anytime as the lockdown continues today. You can’t go out in Lok Down. But what will you do if your SIM runs out of balance? Either you ask for a balance from a friend or you transfer it from your other SIM, we may need to share your balance at any time. It is important to know.

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How to Share Balance from Jazz to Jazz?

First of all, it is very important to know how we can share the balance between our Jazz SIM and another Same network SIM. Sharing balances with the same network is also easy.

  1. In the first step you have to open your keypad on which we dial the number to make any call.
  2. Then you have to dial the first number *100*.
  3. After dialing this number, you have to dial your number immediately. (92300,00,00,000).
  4. Then you have to write down your amount as much as you want to share.
  5. If you write a full code, it will become something like this code. Here you have to dial your number etc. I am explaining as an example.





  • Whenever you start sharing balances, you must check your number once.
  • You must write 92 before writing your number.
  • If you are sharing Jazz to Jazz bal then you cannot share above fifty rupees.
  • Earlier you could share balance up to five hundred rupees but now you can only do fifty rupees and now no one will be deducted from you.
  • At least you can send up to Rs 15 less than you cannot share the balance.

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How to Share Balance from Warid to Jazz?

Earlier, Jazz and Warid were two separate companies. But now Jazz has bought Warid company. So, at first the whole setup was different. Jazz’s SIM was different and Warid SIM was different. Both had different codes. Ever since Jazz bought Warid, everything has been the same.

So, if you want to share in Jazz with Warid SIM, you can also use Jazz method. They have the same method of sharing balance.

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How to Share Jazz Balance to Telenor?

You will find many videos and articles that you can share balance on Telenor from Jazz SIM. You can watch the video by clicking, but is it possible or not?

Click to watch video or article read. So, you don’t get anything from the inside. This is the way to tell how to share jazz to jazz balance. So, let me tell you – you can’t share Jazz to Telenor amount.

And you are also asked to download this app and the balance will be shared with this app. But even there you get nothing. All I can tell you is that no one should download a third-party app that could leak your privacy.

How can I share my jazz balance to another network?

If you want to share on another network with Jazz SIM, you can do it or not, this is what you search on Google. You can only share Jazz to Jazz and Jazz Warid balances. They can also share the balance in Warid SIM for this reason. Because Jazz has bought Warid company.

If you want to share on another network with Jazz SIM, your amount will not be shared but you will waste your time by searching it on Google.

How can I share my jazz balance to another network?
How can I share my jazz balance to another network?

Can I share balance from Warid to jazz?

Yes, of course you can share Warid to Jazz balance. And you can also share with Jazz in Warid. That is also the reason why Jazz’s company has bought Warid company, so all the roles that apply are Jazz’s.

Can we transfer balance from jazz to Zong?

You will find a lot of videos on YouTube in which you will be told that you can share Jazz to Zong but it is not possible.


This article tells you everything about Balance Share. You can share Jazz to Jazz and Warid to Jazz balances. But can’t share the balance on any other network. I hope you have learned how to share jazz balance? I hope you will share these truths with your friends.