How To Check Jazz Free Minutes 2 Easy Ways ( Tricks)

I will tell you in this article how to check jazz free minutes? How to check if you don’t know how many free minutes are left. So read this article in full. You have been explained in detail.

That is why I am talking about this topic (how to check jazz free minutes) today Because a lot of people come to package but can’t check it.

A lot of people have this problem. When their jazz free minutes are over, they keep calling later. Due to which all their balance is lost.

But we call the company without admitting our mistake and tell them that you have lost our balance. There is nothing wrong with that. You should be able to check the remaining jazz free minutes.

This will give you an idea of how many free minutes of jazz you have left. So, you will put your phone to standby and your balance will not be lost. If you don’t know, how to check jazz free minutes read this article in its entirety.


2 ways to check Remaining free minutes

Whenever you package your Jazz SIM, there are two ways to check the remaining of the free minutes. It is important that you remember the code of whatever package you put on, which code you put on the package you got.

If you remember that code, you can easily check your free jazz minutes. But in this article, I will tell you some tricks that you can easily check the free minutes.

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First Method

In the first method I will tell you some cards. Whichever package you have, you can check your jazz minutes by entering the code. If none of these are your code then you can go to the second step.

Monthly Super Duper

This is a monthly package. If you also have a monthly package, you can check your free minutes with this code. *706*2#. This is a simple code that you can easily see in minutes. It has to be dialed on the phone.

Monthly Super Duper Plus

Monthly Super Plus package if you have applied. So, you can easily see its remaining minutes. *707*02#. It will take care that whatever your package is attached to, it will dial the code accordingly. If you grab someone else’s code and apply it, you will not be able to see the jazz free minutes.

Weekly Super Duper

If you want to know how many free minutes are left on your Jazz SIM. And if you have a Super Doper package, you have to dial this code. *770*2#

Weekly Anniversary       

Remaining free jazz minutes Code *505*2#

Monthly Hybrid Bundle

          Code For free minutes summary *430*2#

Weekly All Network

       Code For the check Call package *700*2#

Weekly Hybrid        

Each package has a separate code and a separate summary check if you want to check jazz free minutes. And if your package has a weekly hybrid, dial this code. *407*2#

  • Weekly Make Your Own Call Bundle     *303*7#
  • Monthly Make Your Own Call Bundle   *303*30#
  • Daily Super Call package                       *212*2#
  • Jazz Super Duper Card                          *601*2#
  • Super Plus                                              *558*2#

Second Method

If you haven’t found any of these cards that will allow you to check your legitimate free minutes, you can look the other way. This will make it easier for you to find your data. you can see how many free jazz minutes you have left.

Whatever package you have packaged, you must remember the code by which you packaged. You have to re-dial the same code but you dial the hash (#) on the end but you did not write the hash (#) to check.

In place of the hash, (#) you have to enter the star (*), then write 2 and then dial the hash (#). This will be showing the jazz free minutes.

For Example

how to check jazz free minutes
how to check jazz free minutes


If you have a Jazz SIM, you apply the call package but don’t check it later to see how many free minutes you have left. The disadvantage is that your balance is blown. You make more calls and the jazz-free minutes run out. Which makes you lose your balance and you don’t even know it.

That’s why I shared this topic (how to check jazz free minutes) with you today.

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