Zong Number Check Code 2022

Whenever users forget the SIM number, they often start looking for alternative methods to check it. However, unfortunately, most people do not find the correct method to check their Zong SIM number.

If you are one of those people and want to check your SIM number, then you have landed at the correct place.


How to check the Zong number?

Zong has always offered its services according to the demands of the customers. Zong 4G has also made it easy by providing various ways to check the business SIM number, internet, MBB, post-paid and prepaid.

Most of the Zong post-paid and prepaid SIM are used, and now we will share the method of checking post-paid and prepaid SIM numbers.

How to check the prepaid and post-paid SIM numbers?

In the prepaid service, you need to recharge your account as per the requirement, and you can also activate different bundles as per the requirement.

In post-paid services, you will also pay the monthly bill per the basic package plan and for future use.

Method 1

Check Zong’s number via SMS (Paid method)

To know yours on Zong SIM number, you must send ‘MY NO’ to 777. This will cost you Rs. 2 + taxes.

Method 2

How to find Zong’s number free of cost?

To check the details of verified and unverified numbers on CNIC free of cost, you need to send an SMS from the registered mobile number against your CNIC. Now below are the step for the same.

  • For a verified number, first, send ‘v’ to 7911.
  • For unverified numbers, send blank or any word SMS to 7911.

Method 3

You need to open your mobile number dial pad and dial *100#; after that, reply with 1, or you can also dial *100*1# and write down the mobile number of a friend of yours with another SIM; write that number and then click on send. After that, you will receive a Zong number on the mobile number which you have entered. This method is free, and you won’t be charged any fees for the same.

Method 4

To know about the Zong SIM number or the CNIC number, you need to send ‘O’ to 7911, which is free.

Method 5

You need to follow the below steps for the same.

  • Dial *310#
  • Now you need to reply with an English language number
  • Directly reply with My account number
  • After that, you need to reply to My service number
  • Now, finally, you have to respond with the view My number.

Method 6

This method is like you are Bering your number on the screen with a single code. Now dial *310*1*9*2*4#/*310*9*2*4# and find the Zong SIM card number without paying a single rupee.

How to check the Zong MBB &Internet SIM number?

Zong 4G also offers a code for Zong MBB and the internet SIM users. With the help of this, users can easily see their SIM numbers.

Now you need to dial *8# on MBB SIM or internet and view the number without paying any charges.

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How to check the Zong business Sim number?

For checking the Zong business SIM number, just send an email to customercare@zong.com.pk, or you can contact in helpline number 051-111-222-111 or can fax on 051-5402002.

Zong number check code

Zong 4G has also provided the Zong SIM number check code, which is also below. You can use them on your Zong number.

Price Codes & Methods
Free *310*1*9*2*4# or *310*9*2*4#
Free *100#
Free *100*1#
Free Send “O” to 7911
Free Send “v” to 7911
Rs 2+tax Send “MY NO” to 777
Free *8#


In this article, we have shared valuable details of checking the Zong 4G MBB SIM numbers, business numbers, internet, post-paid, and Zong 4G prepaid.

We genuinely hope that you have been able to check your Zong SIM with the help of the information provided in this article. However, if you face any issue, you can always contact the customer care team on the number provided above.


  1. How can you check the Zong number without balance?

You can easily dial the Zong number without balance by dialling *8# or dialing *100# from your phone. With this help, your number will be displayed on your mobile screen.

  1. How can you check the Zong number owner name online?

You need to visit the official PTA website,i.e.,https://cnic.sims.pk/; after that, you need to enter your valid CNIC number in the required field and hit submit to check the name of the number owner online.

  1. How can you check the mobile number?

First, you need to open your messenger application on your mobile phone, type a new text message, write MNP and send the text on 667. In this way you can easily get your mobile number.

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