Zong Apna Karachi Offer> How To Subscribe&Unsubscribe Full Detail

Today we will talk about Zong apna Karachi offer. If you do not know about this offer, read this article in its entirety. You can find out more about it below with full details.

Zong is a huge network in Pakistan. It also allows us to communicate with each other. So, they want to take their company to the top. That’s why they keep making cheap offers. In 2019, he launched the Zong Karachi offer. Which is only in Karachi. If you live in Karachi then you can avail this offer.



Internet: In this offer you will get 5 GB of data. Not necessarily you can just standby on YouTube. It can standby on any browser.

Other Network: If you apply Karachi Offer Zong, you will also get 75 minutes from other networks. You can stand these 75 minutes on any network.

Zong To Zong: 5000 minutes zong to zong minutes you can use.

SMS: Only 5000 SMS you can message you on any network.

Charges of Karachi offer zong: 250 RS

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This offer is for Karachi residents only.


For 250 Rupees this offer is being given to you for 7Days which is a very wonderful offer.

How can I subscribe to Zong Apna Karachi offer?

Zong apna Karachi offer
Zong apna Karachi offer

To subscribe to Karachi Zong Offer you have to dial *54# Your offer will be subscribed.

How To Unsubscribe Shehar Offer Karachi?

This package expires automatically after seven days. Even if you have a balance, this package will not work. You can re-dial the code and install the package yourself.

I hope you have learned about Zong apna Karachi offer. If you are also using this offer, you must share it with your friends so that they too can take advantage of it.

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