Why WordPress Suspends Astra Theme Million Users Affected Bad News

This is bad news for users who use the Astra theme on WordPress. WordPress has removed the Astra theme from its library. So today we will talk why WordPress Suspends Astra Theme?

WordPress is a huge platform where millions of people are making money running their homes. Bloggers use a lot of themes on WordPress, one of which is the Astra theme. You can get it for free at WordPress Library which is a great responsive theme.


Why WordPress Suspends Astra Theme?

No matter what you do on WordPress, it never lets you do affiliate marketing. If any of your plugins or themes are in the WordPress library. So, you can’t seal anything on it, that is, you can’t put an affiliate link on it.

WordPress says that Astra Theme is using its affiliate link in its theme. That is why it has been removed. It is against our policy. He also said that our policy was made 18 months ago. And you did not follow this policy. That’s why your theme WordPress is being removed.

They had a free theme on WordPress, but WordPress says they have used the affiliate link to increase their commission. As a result, WordPress has removed their theme from its library. This affiliate link was in the coding of their theme. WordPress has also released a picture of it as you can see in the picture below.

WordPress Suspends Astra Theme
WordPress Suspends Astra Theme

WordPress Suspends Astra Theme (WordPress Statement)

At the same time, the Word Press has released its statement on the Astra theme. “We made this role 18 months ago,” he said. They did not follow this role. It is important that you do not do any marketing within the free theme. They put an affiliate link inside their theme as you can see in the image of the statement.

WordPress Suspends Astra Theme
WordPress Suspends Astra Theme

Reply from Astra Theme

Astra’s team has also responded to this. “We were not using any affiliate code,” he said. Only we were using the affiliate link, we did not violate any policy. He also said that if it is against the role, then this theme should be suspended. And at the same time, they have updated their theme, they have removed this link. You can also read his statement in the picture below.

WordPress Suspends Astra Theme
WordPress Suspends Astra Theme

Astra Theme Suspend Users Affected

There is no harm to the user in suspending the Astra theme, only when they update their theme, they will have a little problem. And as many users were about to install this theme in the next five weeks. They will not be able to do it now. Because whenever we install WordPress, we would search for a theme. So, I used to come to Astra Suggestion. Will not come now.