Why You Should Not Follow Your TOP SEO Competitors?

Remember how often you look at SERPs on the right topic to determine the frequency of keywords, the volume of text content, the right donors, or the number of links to buy? Perhaps you use text analyzers, one of the functions of which is to prepare technical specifications for copywriters with recommendations for improving individual text fragments.

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Why is the strategy following the top competitors is not the best method?

  1. Minor edits and changes sometimes do not affect the overall situation

Search engine ranking algorithms contain hundreds and thousands of indicators. The role of a particular factor often changes over time, which can be traced through specific examples. So, for example, there is often a correlation between the number of occurrences of the main key and the position in the search results, but you should not think that this is a confirmation of a causal relationship, that is, if we achieve the desired occurrence of the keyword in the text, then we will immediately find ourselves in the TOP-10.

Or another example, it was found that the top ten “organics” have the volume of text content on the pages ranging from 2700 to 3300 characters. There is a desire to enlarge or reduce your text to the desired size. In fact, the point is not in volumes, but in informativeness, the ability to answer the questions of the target audience, and for this you need 1500 characters or 7000 – this is a secondary point.

There are enough of such nuances and reference mass. Their competitors are checked by various services. Found out the number of links, so you need to put the same number on the promoted page? Not. First, there are various mechanics of hiding the link mass from automated services. Second, search engines don’t rate all links the same way. Thirdly, the next day after the analysis of a competitor from the TOP is completed, their representatives may reject certain links in the Disavow Tool.

Without a doubt, the general patterns revealed as a result of the analysis of competitors will not be superfluous. But it is unnecessary and often impossible to achieve blind copying in terms of basic parameters.

So, for example, text analyzers allow you to look at texts from a different angle. But even they take into account only a few factors, while search engine ranking algorithms are guided by hundreds or thousands. If search engines generated results only for text signals, then text analyzers would be the most useful tools for an SEO specialist. But in reality, everything is much more complicated.

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  1. The accuracy of the analysis of competitors from the TOP suffers due to the many sites that increase the value of the error.

In the top ten sites for commercial requests, along with online stores, there are often price aggregators, message boards, official resources offering a specific product. Also in the TOP there are often links to authoritative sites, such as Google, Yandex, Wiki. Many of them ranked so high in the SERP not because of subtle optimization and customization, but because of their overall popularity and enormous authority.

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