Why NetSuite-Salesforce Connectors Are A Part of Best Business Practices

For companies implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software (such as Netsuite) alongside customer relationship management (CRM) software (such as Salesforce), data integration technology is a surefire way to get the most out of your data management solutions. While there exist software that claims to be both CRM and ERP rolled into one, most of these “jack of all trades” solutions lack the depth and breadth (and the decades of innovation!) built into the industry titans; this is why many companies opt for disparate software which they synchronize through third-party technologies such as RapidiOnline. Data integration projects are notoriously complex, so the goal of this article is to eliminate some of the mystery, and show you why Netsuite-Salesforce data integration technology is the key to any sustainable business plan.


Taking the Next Step with Oracle NetSuite

Much like the Microsoft Dynamics product line, Oracle Netsuite is a longstanding pioneer in the realm of enterprise resource planning software. Netsuite was originally founded in 1998 as NetLedger, joining Oracle in 2016. Oracle Netsuite quickly became an international success as a comprehensive ERP solution, implemented by 40,000 organizations across the globe, and offering users a cohesive data hub for behind-the-scenes operations. Users will have crystal clear access to information pertaining to nearly every facet of an organization’s daily behind-the-scenes operations, including supply chain management, payroll, and inventory. 

Netsuite’s clients tend to see an enormous improvement in employee and operational efficiency, as well as cleaner, more accurate data from which management can base important decisions. Further optimization of business practices include CRM acquisition, which complements Oracle Netsuite’s capabilities, offering organizations a way to consolidate their customer and client data. 

Salesforce: The World’s #1 CRM Platform

Speaking of suitable complements to Netsuite’s capabilities, Salesforce is the most popular CRM available on the market today, a cutting-edge, Cloud-based CRM solution that streamlines customer data acquisition and management. Put to use by nearly 150,000 organizations across the globe, some of its more well known clients includeIBM and Paypal. Much like ERPs, CRMs like Salesforce are built to consolidate data (on customers), improve data analytics, and automate certain manual tasks, freeing up your employees to focus their time and energy on projects that require a creative, human touch. Leave the number crunching and tedious data entry to the computers!

On their own, both Salesforce and Netsuite are powerful technologies that are an incredible boon to companies beyond a certain size, and a no-brainer to any organization equipped to afford such investments. However, when fully integrated, the true potential of both technologies is realized. When their respective data pools are merged into a single, accessible point of truth, your team-members can rest assured knowing that they’re working from the most up-to-date, accurate information, with total access to a 360-degree customer view. No more games of interdepartmental phone tag, no more unwanted data siloing, and no more manual double data entry. 

How CRM-ERP Integration Can Change How You Do Business

Netsuite and Salesforce are powerful tools that can facilitate enormous growth. However, true CRM-ERP integration is vital to maximize their positive effects. Most stand-alone ERP and CRM solutions won’t talk to each other, so a third party interlocutor is necessary in order to prevent harmful data siloing and get all your team-members on the same page. 

Custom data integration projects are notoriously tricky, complex, time consuming, and can easily slide into a negative cost spiral (these kinds of projects are infamous for slipping over budget)! However, pre-made integration templates offered by companies such as Rapidi can take the headache out of data integration. RapidiOnline, Rapidi’s proprietary integration technology, seamlessly synchronizes any popular CRM and ERP available today. Plus, if nothing fits perfectly right out of the box, Rapidi can work alongside you to craft a custom solution that meets all of your organization’s needs.

Take the headache out of Netsuite-Salesforce integration projects by leaving it to experts like Rapidi.

RapidiOnline gives your management team access to a 360-degree customer profile experience, helps identify sales opportunities, reduces business risks, optimizes marketing and customer outreach, and facilitates truly data-driven business decisions. Deployment can happen in only a few days, during which your team will be comprehensively trained. Plus, Rapidi’s subscription-based service ensures that your organization will always have access to the latest and best version; no need to worry about your version of RapidiOnline lacking features, phasing out, or losing support entirely. Proper CRM-ERP integration is the crucial groundwork upon which any healthy, sustainable business must grow.

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Rapidi’s Team of Experts is at Your Side

With nearly three decades of experience to back them up, Rapidi’s teams of experts are pioneers in the realm of data integration and replication. With myriad positive customer reviews, RapidiOnline is a tried and true integration solution that works to future-proof your business. You’ll find your team members more prepared in the field and customer meetings, and better equipped to offer the highest quality service. Customer accounts are cleaner, employees are more productive, data management is enormously streamlined, and none of your team-members will have to struggle to get the data they need to be successful at mission-critical projects. Success starts with Rapidi. Click here to find out what they can do for you.

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