Why did Google save your data? Your data will no longer be saved.

Did you know that whatever data you search on Google is saved by Google and can be misused? Do you know why did Google save your data? That’s why Google is making so many changes.

There are a lot of complaints from Google users. They say that Google saves our data. And they can do anything about it. But whatever we search for shouldn’t be saved.

If you have heard, the same case was made on Facebook that Facebook saves our personal chat. The case was fought against him for a long time but later the matter was settled.

Why did Google save your data?
Why did Google save your data?

Many people have asked Google why you save our search and chat.

Why did Google save your data?

“Every time you talk, it gives us an idea of what you’re interested in,” Google said. That is, if you have talked about any product, we know that you want that product. So we show you the advertisement from which you buy it. And we benefit. We have more advertisers.

The case was also filed on Facebook because a person was chatting with someone. He chatted with another person about any product and then it started showing advertisements of the same product. So this guy said how did Facebook know I wanted to buy this thing? This means that it stores our data, which is why this case was filed on Facebook.

Now the update that comes from Google has said that now we will not save any data, the full details of which will be given to you after three months from today, as many Google users as there are. They will be told the details of how many days their data will be saved and after how many days their data will be deleted.

This update is going to benefit Google users a lot. There is a fear that their data is being saved. Anyone who uploads a photo of themselves is scared because Google saves all the data.