Where Is Xur Today And What Is He Selling In Destiny 2?

Welcome to  Xur, the market town of  the Taken  faction in  Destiny 2.  With a bustling market filled with all types of goods and wares, Xur is considered as  the heart of  trade in the frontier regions. However, Where is Xur  market is  also a  good place for those who seek out “new” items to sell in the game. This is because many of the items that players can find there are actually previously unseen or unheard of  items. If  you want  to make some quick gold in Destiny 2, here is a brief guide on how to find and sell Xur items:


Xur’s Marketplace

The Marketplace in Xur is where all items for sale in the game came from. Here, you will find all kinds of items from armor to weapons to rare loot that is sure to draw

attention to your character. The best thing about Xur’s marketplace is that it is one of the largest in the entire city of VoRtland.

Xur Gas Station

The Gas Station in Xur is a great way to make some quick cash. You can s ell the

gasoline that you get from leveling up here. Keep in mind though that you cannot vend any weapons or armor from here. The only products you can vend here are food and water. You can also sell armor repair kits, which are always in demand.

Xuriencies at Xur

To sell in  the market, you will need to find an item that is  being sold very few people  are selling and that is an uncommon item. Common items have much higher cell rates on the auction house than rare ones, so it is better if you farm where you c an gather

these rare items. This is the best strategy in making gold in Destiny 2.

Xur Auction House

Xur is a popular place in the game but like the saying goes, “You reap what you sow.”

That statement is very true in this auction house. Players always ove rprice things in the market making it very difficult for new players to buy low prices and resell for a

profit. That is why players are advised to avoid the Xur Auction House all together and look for a good spot in the game to make money. One option is fa rming Xur and selling there. How To – Find a nice spot in Xur and get to know the general behavior of  the players in the market. This will help you figure out where is the best place to sell your stuff. You can either go PvP or PvE. This is the first part of the guide.

Where is Xur Today?

There are many places you can visit in the game to do some grinding or farming. Some examples are Moonfall, and the Nexus, but I would suggest not visiting any of those as they will require grinding.

What to sell in Xur?

How to sell in Xur? Where to sell in Xur? These are some of the questions we will be looking at in this guide and we will answer them as they are asked. Good luck and happy gold farming! In the Nexus is located in the south part of the map. When you

see the large circular area, that is where you should sell your gold. The prices will be higher here. However, they are not as high as those in Wow or  HC and are usually worth farming. It is a quick way to gold.


There is a spot in Hellfire that has lots of gold in it. You can get it fairly easy with the “bane collector”. He will sell you about 400 gold every 10 minutes. In the Storm Peaks

is a spot that is a bit more difficult. The XP is hard and you need to kill a lot of mobs to gain enough gold to sell to others. Make sure you have good equipment. The yellow quest is a great way to farm here and is recommended.

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