Video Content Production: Then vs. Now

Every industry in society has evolved. When time changes, so do content and technology. In the video content production scene, things are also changing with time. What was the norm long ago is no longer the case right now. For instance, in the past, you had to spend huge chunks of money hiring a dedicated video production time. In addition, video production was time-taking. Fast forward to today, we have several online video editor tools like Promo. These help us to make and edit videos within seconds and at a fraction of the price.

Indeed, technology has made our lives a lot easier and smoother. The past way of doing things is quite difficult. This is when you compare it to what things are right now. For video production, it’s important to see and notice what changed. What has become different now? So, here’s a brief comparison that will help you see just how many steps we’ve made over the years.


In the Past, Video Production was Costly as Compared to Now

As a millennial, you may not have a clear mental picture of how hard and expensive video production was. In fact, to produce just one video would take up almost half of your budget as a startup. This is because you had to hire a professional video production firm for a start. And remember that this was not an option. If you wanted to have quality work, then you just had to hire pros. Pros, mark you, didn’t come at a shoestring budget. Most of them charged their work expensively – mostly by the hour. And if you’re not ready to work with them, ooh well, you can kiss their back goodbye.

As if that wasn’t all, you needed to get a cast for the video. Depending on the type of production that you’re working on, you’ll hire different people. For instance, if you want your video to be catchy and appealing, then you have no choice but to hire a set of professional actors.

Moving forward to this current age, things are different. You can practically make a video without spending a dime. Just by using special software like an online video editor, you can make and edit your videos straight from your seat. And this is without any expensive video production firm or actors.

By simply using ready-made templates from the video editor, you can lessen the cost of video production without compensating for quality.

It’s Faster to Use an Online Video Editor Compared to Olden Methods

It's Faster to Use an Online Video Editor Compared to Olden Methods

It was almost next to impossible for you to get your video quickly if you needed it. This is because of the process that it goes through before being ready. Think about this for a minute – they’ll have to organize, record, then edit the video first. And all of these things take TIME.

So, in the past, if you had no patience, then you had no business organizing a video for your company or brand. It took a great level of patience to wait for a video to come out completed by the video production firm.

Today, you can get your video from an online video editor within minutes – sometimes even seconds. This is because of the ease of using technology to curate videos. There are thousands of templates that you can pick and use quickly to make wonderful videos for your brand or company.

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An Online Video Editor Doesn’t Need a Professional

An Online Video Editor Doesn’t Need a Professional

You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the convenience of using an online video editor. If anything, they have created it for those who can’t go learn high-tech video editing. It is for those who want to create videos even without any background knowledge about video production.

Without any professional skills, you can create and edit videos easily using the editing tool. The best part is that you do it all for free.

However, if you compare it to what was the case in the past, then you’ll notice how important it is to have an online video editor. In the preceding years, you had to be a professional (highly qualified) to handle anything to do with video production. First, you had to go to school for a couple of months or years to take on a video production course. How stressful just to create one video?

Editing was Rigorous and Involving

If you can remember (but most probably you won’t), the final product of a video was delivered on tape. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s a past storage unit for videos. Editing videos, therefore, was not that easy. You would need to actually cut shots out and then stick the remaining bits back together.

Today, you can easily use an editing tool to cut, edit and save your video digitally. Hassle-free and convenient video production is what we now enjoy today.

Final Thoughts

We have surely come from far with video production. You cannot really believe what people had to go through just to create videos. We can only appreciate technology for giving us online video editing tools, which make our lives a lot easier in video production.

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