How Do I Get A UPC Code For Amazon?

Want to know how do I get a UPC Code for Amazon? You are certainly not alone. Many are in the same boat as you. Amazon is one of the largest online E-Commerce stores today and has millions of customers worldwide. Buy UPC codes for Amazon have developed sophisticated payment systems that make accepting payments more convenient than ever before.

Basic Steps

Let s break it down into four simple steps. Do you Brand Register with Amazon? If yes, you have to rent directly from GS1 (Great Plains Software). Amazon does cross-verifying UPCs for Brand Registered sellers, but only for Brand Certified sellers. These genuine brand registered sellers must submit their UPCs to the Amazon payment gateway through Amazon’s system. Then, the other vendors must validate the code.


Step 1         

Once you rent or register with Amazon, go to the home page of Amazon, log in as the seller, and go to the ‘My Account section. Look for ‘Updates.’ If you have not updated your information here, it means that you are still using the old settings to buy UPCs. It is recommended that you update your settings so that you get started on the road to success!Go to the categories tab on the left-hand navigation bar. You will find there is a drop-down box for categories. Click on ‘New’ and fill in the appropriate information. For example, the UPC for Amazon is the product category you have selected for Amazon in step 1. Then, click on ‘OK.’

Step 2         

Now that you have selected the right product for Amazon, you need to sign up as an official seller with Amazon. To sign up as an authorized seller, you will need to log in as the seller. Then, click on the link to become a Seller’ and follow the instructions. Next, Amazon will ask you to complete a short registration form.Log into your amazon account. Then, click on ‘My Account and look for the ‘Add a New Product.’ On the product list, you will need to enter the UPCfor the products online. Then, click on the button submit information and wait for confirmation from Amazon.

Step 3         

Once you have entered the UPC for your products online, go to the ‘aws’ section of amazon. You will see various available options for your items. Could you go through all of them? Then, when you find the opportunity for your item, click on it. Now you will be able to view all available manufacturers that manufacture the product.After selecting the manufacturer you want to deal with, pay for the goods as you typically do. Amazon will then process your order. Your FBA registration number is given to you in the same manner. Your payment will be debited from the manufacturer’s account and sent to your pay pal account for payment to your Amazon fulfillment network stock-keeping agent.

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Final Steps;   

Once you have submitted your details, your FBA account will be updated. It will also show any orders for the items that have been successfully fulfilled. This is important as you need to know what number of sales you have generated from these products. If you do not have this information, you will not be able to track any of your orders from Amazon, which can lead to the inability to generate orders for future products.

You may also opt to use the Amazon brick-and-mortar application. This application does not require a UPC. All barcode types are supported in the application, including UPC and EAN barcodes. The only difference is that the items you wish to sell cannot be placed on an amazon fba site and must be placed on your local store.This is the last step. Once your store has been established, you will need UPCs for your products. These are unique product codes used to identify the product when it is bought from an Amazon online store. They are unique for each product and can only be issued once payment has been made for the item. Again, once you have established your business, Amazon will give you the product id and a UPC for your online store.

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