How To Unlock PTCL Evo Wingle Sim Option? Its Possible or Not

Many people in Pakistan use PTCL Wingle. It gets quite a good speed. But we want to insert another network SIM but is it possible or not? I will tell you in this article how to unlock ptcl evo wingle sim option?

In PTCL Wingle you get very good speed but it is only from PTCL that you get this device. Which you can carry anywhere in your pocket. This is a very small device. And wherever its signals come from, you can make its internet standby.

In it you get the option of SIM. You can put your SIM in it. But only the number given by PTCL is what you put in and you start to standby. But after a while you find out that the packages are cheaper on other networks. You want us to start by inserting another SIM into it.

When you find out about other network packages, you insert a SIM into it. But it doesn’t support SIM, you can’t stand it. You search for it how to unlock evo wingle for all sims? So, you start reading videos or articles. So, you get a lot of information in it. But enough information is also given just to get views. That is why I am sharing this article with you how to unlock ptcl evo wingle sim option?

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Can We Unlock PTCL Evo Wingle Sim Option?

How To Unlock PTCL Evo Wingle Sim Option
How To Unlock PTCL Evo Wingle Sim Option

As I told you, a lot of information is fake and you start applying it. They do not search whether this information is really correct or not. Whenever we want to make PTCL Wingle standby for another SIM, we have to unlock PTCL Wingle.

There are a lot of devices like Zong’s device that are also unlocked. You can put any network SIM in it and put it on standby. PTCL Wingle’s device does not have an IP address, which is why you can never unlock it. Even if you have an IP address in your wing, you can’t unlock it.

┬áIn many places you will be asked to write your IP address here. If your PTCL Wingle device is unlocked then it is not possible. You try a lot but you won’t. You will be told a lot of different ways but you will ruin your own device. Your device will also stop working on PTCL SIM.

You can unlock all the other devices like Jazz Zong and Telenor. But you can never unlock a PTCL device for SIM. It is a fact whether you believe it or not.

Final Words

You should never unlock PTCL Wingle for all SIMs otherwise you will lose one of your PTCL devices. Because it will stop working but will not be unlocked. I hope you have got a lot of information from today’s topic article how to unlock ptcl evo wingle sim option? If you like this article, please share it with your friends.