7 Interesting TikTok Facts You Didn’t Know

Ever more famous brands and companies are approaching TikTok to promote their products, but many people still ignore this app, considering it too frivolous. The short video platform is hugely popular with the youngsters, and if you want to be on trend, you should check it out. Here are some engaging facts to make you understand what TikTok is and why this app rocks the market.


1. TikTok is the app from China

TikTok is not controlled by an American firm, unlike Facebook or YouTube. The app first debuted in 2016 and was given the Chinese name Douyin, which it is still known by today. Bytedance, a significant Chinese company, owns it. So now you know why it’s said that the US is attempting to outlaw the use of TikTok. Although American businesses are trying to halt the expansion of the Chinese social network, it is already too late.

2. TikTok is the most expensive world startup

TikTok is owned by the private company Bytedance, which was founded in 2012. With an employee base of over 110,000, the company recorded an astonishing $58 billion in revenues in 2021.  Such a high value suggests that TikTok is unlikely to be sold to any American corporation in the near future.

3. TikTok overcame 1 billion users last year

This number is bigger than Twitter or Snapchat or even LinkedIn have. Therefore, if you believed TikTok to be an odd video site for children, you should think again.

These TikTok statistics demonstrate how successful the app has become in a short period of time.

4. The greatest share of TikTok users come from the US

The app was originally launched in China, which is where most of its users come from. A huge part of the TikTok audience is made up of residents of eastern countries with China and India as a dominators.

However, the app has received serious popularity outside of Asia. In the US alone, it is actively used by more than 69.5 million people who not only scroll the feed, but also upload their videos and download them using the TikTok downloader, and the number of users is growing rapidly.

5. The main audience is generation Z, but not children

With regard to other social networks, TikTok has the youngest audience. People between the ages of 16 and 24 make up about 70% of app users. Only 30% of the TikTok audience is above 25 years old.

Many people abandon TikTok because of its young audience, but in fact, it is for the sake of it that this platform is worth getting interested in.

6. TikTok fans spend more than 75 minutes a day on the app

TikTok is a very addictive platform; some users can spend hours there watching short videos. TikTok is opened on average 19 times daily by app users!

The founders of the application did everything to retain users – and they succeeded.

7. There is no artificiality inherent in Instagram

TikTok shows that there are ordinary people there. The app’s users don’t support Instagram’s obsession with excellence. TikTokers are being more sincere while the biggest stars on Instagram are sharing edited images.

That being said, there isn’t much toxicity on TikTok – many of the comments are very uplifting. For example, you can find videos where teens with cancer share their stories and find great support in the comments.

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Final thoughts

TikTok has already dominated the markets; this is a reality. The app is in direct competition with well-known brands like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. But there is a somewhat different use for the platform. It primarily serves as a platform for content producers. And one of the key reasons TikTok is so well-liked is the simplicity with which anyone can do so.

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