Things to know before buying a quadcopter

Like any boy, I dreamed of a radio-controlled helicopter for half my childhood. Like most boys growing up in the 90s, I could rather count on metal E’s instead of toys, while trees were perfect for wall bars.

Now I am 28, I am a geologist and a photographer, and I finally got my hands on a quadrocopter. I took it not on my own and not for myself – I persuaded the authorities to buy a DJI Mavic Pro on an expedition to Chukotka. The drone will soar into the sky so that we can make routes not only from topographic maps. And if the geologist is too late from the route, the quadcopter will find him in 10 minutes. In addition, drone photos will go into reports and presentations. It sounds inspiring, but while the drone is in Moscow, and I shoot with it for myself, but it rather disappoints me.

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Having played enough, I realized that I would not take a quadrocopter for my personal use. And there are four reasons for this.

You can’t fly in big cities

Flights over Moscow areĀ  prohibited by law . Restrictions are ubiquitous in the US and Europe as well. And this is absolutely correct and logical. If a drone falls from a height of 200 meters on a person, it will smash his head. He can kill a child or an elderly person.

The perceived value of this toy increases many times over if you realize how rarely you’ll actually fly it without fear of being fined at any time.

At the dacha, of course, no one will fine you. But at the dacha, you will quickly realize that there is not much to shoot there. After several flights, all conceivable angles will have already been selected.

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You will crash your quadcopter

Drone accidents are extremely high. I have a 10-point checklist in my notes that I fill out before each flight. Still, I’m never completely sure that everything will go smoothly.

In terms of software stability, autonomy, and the quality of materials, drones are now similar to Android smartphones 5-6 years ago (well, or the current iOS).

The quadcopter can stop streaming video to a smartphone at any time. His battery may run out. He may lose contact with satellites. It can be affected by magnetic fields and extraneous radiation. He can just go crazy and fly wherever he pleases.

Sensors that theoretically protect the drone from collisions are in fact useless. On the DJI Mavic Pro, they are only on the front and bottom. That is, where the probability of collision is the lowest. An inexperienced pilot is unlikely to prevent an accident caused by technical problems, and experienced pilots become experienced only after falls.

In addition to problems with software and hardware, there are also simple piloting errors. Driving a drone is almost as difficult as flying a car. Flying into branches, getting tangled in wires, hitting a crane – these are all classics of the genre. To exclude such situations, one must fly very primitively.

Humble yourself, sooner or later the quadcopter will crash. You should not take it for your last money, even if you plan to earn it.

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