The success of e-commerce depends on what?

Electronic commerce in recent years has become one of the important elements in the expansion of the info-communication and commercial space.

An association on the development of electronic commerce was signed in St. Petersburg as part of the international forum Pochtovaya Troika-2013. In their statement, the parties declared their intention to ensure interaction and consolidate efforts in the development of e-commerce and electronic postal services in Europe and the CIS.

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Electronic commerce in recent years has become one of the important elements in expanding the info-communication and commercial space. There is a situation where, on the one hand, postal operators play a priority role in the development of this new market sector, and on the other hand, Internet commerce is becoming an additional incentive for the development and modernization of postal services, since without the use of modern technologies they will not be able to support the development of electronic commerce.

In this regard, the development of electronic postal services has become an integral part of the worldwide postal strategy adopted at the 25th UPU Doha Congress. Its continuation was the Regional Development Plan for Europe and the CIS for 2013-2016, adopted in April 2013. To begin the implementation of the plan, the parties signed a Joint Statement on e-commerce within the framework of the Postal Troika.

This event represents the first step in the implementation of the plan for the development of electronic postal services for the countries of Europe and the CIS for 2013-2016, which will allow all cooperating parties to solve common problems, based on common priorities, avoiding duplication of activities, developments, and costs. The details of the process will later be spelled out in joint regional strategic projects, the opening of which is envisaged already this year.

The signed statement will allow the postal services, including the Russian Post, to develop electronic services at a faster pace due to the fact that the national postal operator will have access to the best practices accumulated on these issues in a number of industrialized countries of Europe.

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The Universal Postal Union is an interstate organization founded in 1874 to ensure and improve postal relations on the single postal territory formed by the Universal Postal Union. UPU members are countries that have signed the Charter and other binding documents of the union. Today the UPU unites 191 countries. Russia was among the 22 countries that founded the postal union in 1874.

Association PostEurope – An organization of European public sector postal operators is an international non-profit organization and a regional union. If you wish to know about Shadow Blade, please click here.

Regional Commonwealth in the field of communications- A regional union of the CIS countries is coordinating their efforts in the field of communications development.

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