The Best CPQ Software in 2022

Choosing the Best CPQ software is crucial for the success of your business. These systems are used for various reasons, including speed, accuracy, and scalability. Using these systems will also streamline your sales process, freeing your staff for customer interaction. In addition, these systems will help you automate complex pricing rules and sales processes. Ultimately, these solutions will allow you to scale your business and make your customers happy.


Essential Business Applications

First, you should ensure the CPQ software you select is integrated with other essential business applications. The CPQ software you choose must integrate with other tools that your company needs, including CRM. Otherwise, you may have trouble maximizing the use of your CPQ software. It’s also essential to choose a system that can integrate with your accounting software. Ensure that your CPQ software can seamlessly integrate with other important software, such as your ERP or accounting system. If you don’t, you’ll have trouble keeping your data up-to-date and will be unable to maximize your investment.

Maintaining Accurate Data

CPQ software should have a transparent process for maintaining accurate data. It would help to hold data owners accountable for keeping the information updated. For example, your marketing team may be responsible for updating product details, and your sales staff may be responsible for updating promotional pricing. You should also ensure your CPQ system integrates with other vital business applications. Unless your system is integrated with other applications, inaccurate or incomplete data could lead to errors in other areas, like your accounting system.

Various Products & Features

CPQ software should be easy and intuitive to use, so your sales team can take advantage of it. The best CPQ solution will allow your sales team to take advantage of a feature you haven’t thought of yet. It will also let your customers view the various products and features that are available so that you can customize them accordingly. In addition, CPQ software should have guided selling capabilities, so your sales staff can be confident when approaching potential customers.

Price of Software

CPQ software should integrate with other critical business applications. Integration with other applications is also essential since a single system will not work without the rest of your business. While it is necessary to have CPQ software that works seamlessly with other systems, the benefits of using this type of software will outweigh the risks. You should also check the price of the software. Finally, you should review the features and pricing.

Customizable & Scalable

FPX has been in the CPQ market for a long time. Its CPQ software helps customers make better decisions. It is highly customizable and scalable and integrates with various technologies. Although it does not have a dedicated mobile presence, it has a strong pricing engine to handle complex situations. Its support team is also helpful. There are many CPQ software options on the market.

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CRM & ERP Systems

Some CPQ software solutions do not integrate with other essential business applications. This can cause problems. CPQ software can be challenging to install and use. For this reason, it should blend with other necessary business applications. Moreover, it should integrate well with existing CRM and ERP systems. Besides, it would be best to consider whether it works with other business systems. If you can’t find it, you should choose the best CPQ software that does.

AV Flexologic is a Salesforce native CPQ software. Its CPQ software is scalable and fully integrated with Salesforce CRM. Unlike other CPQ software, it doesn’t offer e-commerce or peripheral functionality, so it’s best for companies with SAP ERP implementations. While AV Flexologic and Aspect Software are reasonable solutions, the Cincom CPQ tool is robust.


Before choosing the CPQ software for your business, consult with your sales team. Ask them about their most pressing concerns and how CPQ can improve them. The best CPQ solution will integrate your sales process and make the quoting process more accessible. The software should be customizable for the needs of your company. It would help if you also chose a CPQ solution that can accommodate the needs of your customers and your employees.

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