How to Sell Laptop for Parts: Everything You Need to Know

Do you have an old laptop that doesn’t work? If so, you may be tempted to throw it away.

However, you should resist that temptation. Before going out to purchase something new, think about how you may sell laptop for parts.

Today, more than ever before, laptop parts are valuable and worth money. Even if the device isn’t working anymore, you can still get money for some of the internal components.

The key to doing this is knowing what to do and what methods you have to sell.

The fact is, there are a few tips that will help you with this and help you get as much money as possible.

Keep reading to learn more.


Is It Worth the Effort?

Before you start the process, it’s important to see if it’s even worth it. After all, if the laptop parts are old or outdated, you may not be able to get much for them.

Some things to consider include:

Age of the Computer or Hardware

Something you need to consider is the age of your device or parts. If the device is just a few years old, it may be worth it to sell.

If not, then it may be a good idea to investigate local listings that offer pickup only to help reduce the effort you have to put into it.

Even if you don’t sell, you should look into the proper way to recycle your laptop to not add to the pollution in landfills. Believe it or not, there are several options for recycling electronics, so looking into them is an eco-friendly thing to do.

Estimate the Resale Offer

Take time to write down your device’s name, serial number, and any other information that may help you locate it on eBay quickly. With this information, you can see how much it sold for quickly.

You can research on other sites too. Doing this will let you know how much you may be able to get for the laptop you are trying to sell.

Device Value vs. Fees and Shipping

If you plan to sell your computer, it may be a larger package that increases shipping costs. Usually, the costs are related to the size and weight of the package, along with the distance it will go and how much time it will take.

You can get a quick estimate from online shipping calculators. This is true for all computers, desktops, and laptops like the intel evo laptops.

Selling Fee Considerations

Sites such as eBay will charge you fees to sell your old computers or parts. However, classified ads and trade-in sites don’t.

It’s a good idea to stay aware of the fees and make sure you add them to your total resale budget.

Selling Laptops Locally

Is it possible to use local listings or classified ads such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to sell your used laptop? Selling parts on these sites is usually free and will usually result in a faster sale.

This is especially the case if you live in a big city. Just make sure you are realistic about the price and if someone wants what you have to sell.

Getting the Funds

If you need the funds from the sale quickly, then opting for a trade-in may be best. You can get an upfront quote and the payment as soon as the device is received.

Any other options, such as classified ads and auction sites, depend on the hardware or device demand. There’s no guarantee that you will get a fair price.

Selling Your Device

Selling your device is a great option in many cases, even if it is just for parts. However, it’s important to consider the factors above.

If you decide that it is worth the time and effort to sell, there are other steps to take, as well.

Preparing Your Used Laptop for Sale

Before you do anything else, it’s a good idea to check your laptop’s make, brand, and model. The serial number is another essential that you need to have in your records.

In most cases, you can find the brand of the device on the back covering or top lid of your laptop. The model and serial number are usually on the bottom, no matter the brand.

Once you know the brand and model, along with a dollar amount, you can determine an asking price.

The next thing you should do is to remove any stored information from the device. However, before doing this, back up all your data.

One of the best ways to create a backup of your information is by using cloud storage services, such as iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive. These are free and are something you can access from almost any location with an internet connection.

However, if you don’t have access to these, you can use an external drive.

After creating a backup, go ahead and erase your files and restore your system using the factory defaults. Make sure you clean the physical surfaces of the device to ensure any residue and dirt are removed.

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Condition Assessment

When you are ready to trade in your laptop, you have to assess its condition. If it is no longer functional, or barely functional, selling it for parts is usually the best-case scenario.

If you plan to sell it as-is, make sure you are ready to disclose any issues present. This includes cosmetic damages or wear along with functional problems.

Take time to describe what is wrong with it the best you can. If you are selling for parts only, make sure to make this clear in the description.

Selling for Parts: What to Consider

If your laptop is beyond repair, you still have options. The parts and components inside the device are still valuable.

While this is true, selling the device for parts still has its challenges. Knowing what to do and who to consider selling to is a must.

Find Reputable Sellers

If you have a laptop you want to sell for parts, the first step is to find out your options. You may have access to buyers locally or online.

Exploring all your options is highly recommended, as this can help you find the right buyer for your situation.

Also, remember, not all buyers are created equal. It’s a good idea to research the buyer to ensure they stick to the terms they offer when purchasing a laptop.

If you plan to sell to an individual, you may not have terms, but you want to ensure they provide you with the price you are asking. If they try to “lowball” or change the price at the time of the sale, it may be a sign you should just walk away.

Get Several Offers

If you are planning to sell online, you will likely find several potential buyers. That’s because purchasing used laptops for parts is a big business now.

Also, because of this, you can get several offers for the purchase. It’s best to “shop around” to find the buyer that’s willing to give you the most money for the laptop you are trying to sell.

While many of the offers will likely be similar, you may find a buyer who is willing to pay a little more.

Replacing Your Old Laptop

After selling your old laptop for parts, there’s a good chance you will need to buy a new one.

Be sure to research the options carefully to find one that suits your needs. Also, you should be able to use the funds from the sale to get what you need.

Today, there are all types of devices to choose from, so researching the options ahead of time will help you decide what you need. You can also look at reviews for some of the laptops you are interested in buying to find one that suits your specific needs.

Now You Know How to Sell Laptop for Parts

If your goal is to sell laptop for parts, you have a lot to consider. Take some time to review the information above to know what to do and consider.

Getting the best price for your laptop parts can be challenging, but with time and effort, it is possible.

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