What is the full form of PSI?

Normally “Pound per square inch” and more specifically “Pound force per square inch” is abbreviated as PSI. This is a pressure-related unit. It is the stress that is based on the avoirdupois batch units. The resulting pound force that is applied on the area of one square inch is known as 1 PSI force.

The units of this thing are stress and pressure. A simple pressure gauge is used to measure the PSI’s of any tool. This is used to create a vacuum in a shallow space. That means inside a vessel the number of air molecules is almost zero. Then the pressure inside the vessel is called 0 PSI. This phenomenon is basically known as vacuum creation.

Definition of PSI

The amount of pressure that is exerted on an area that is taken into consideration in terms of squares is called as the pounds per square inch.

There are so many conversions that are present in the PSI system. That means the units in one system can be easily converted into the other system by following certain rules and regulations. It is a measurable unit of ambient atmospheric pressure.

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Applications of PSI:

In our day-to-day life, we have so many uses of the PSI system. Almost in each and every pressure consisting system this PSI system plays an important role. Out of all of them, only a few important ones are mentioned below.

  • When there is a situation of pumping a certain amount of air into a pressured room. At that time after releasing certain air into room we can check the pressure of the room using this PSI measuring gadget.
  • Non technical industries where there is the presence of packing containers. At that time also this PSI is used.
  • Fuel storage industries keeps the fuel at certain pressure only. Because above certain pressure there are chances of evaporation of the fuel into the air. Which is a greatest loss for the fuel industries.
  • This type of PSI units only, the meteorologists basically use to calculate the pressure of the surroundings. On this basis, the weather report is given and they can easily sense the occurrence of natural calamities like floods, Hurricanes, Toofan and many more.
  • Pumping the air into the tires of the automobiles. In this case the tire pressure in measured in terms of PSI only.

Not only this there so many types of applications of this PSI system like for a person in his own life for the waste water management through pressured gauge and so on.


Since this PSI is a pressure related element. Not only this there are lots of other units which are used to measure the pressure they are Pascal, Tor, Bar and the pressure in Hg(mercury columns). All this units come under the category of the Universal absolute and pressure gauge. Each and every unit has its own significance in the section of the pressure. But among all them the most used pressure measuring unit is PSI only.

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