How Do I Get a Phone Line for My Business

There are just so many options available for hosted VoIP telephony services that it can be pretty overwhelming to begin. Let us quickly break it all down into three easy steps:

  • Choose a Business Phone System.
  • Reserve your Business Phone Numbers.
  • Select VoIP Phones for your Business.

OK, now we can get started! First, you need to decide what type of Business Phone System you want, SIP or IP.


New Telephone System

How do I get a phone number for my Business? There are a couple of choices here. You could lease a system or purchase one. A business phone system can be an excellent way to save money over purchasing a new telephone system. Many companies offer a 30 day trial period and monthly maintenance plans. Leasing makes the most sense if your business needs will not be expanding in the future.

Customer Service Reputation

Next is to choose a Business Phone System Provider. There are many providers to chose from, such as RingCentral, Netgear, telephones, or others. One crucial factor to look at when choosing a Business Phone System provider is the customer service reputation. You want to make sure you can get in touch with them quickly when you have an issue. You also want to be able to reach the support person if you need help quickly.

Many Resources

How do I get a phone line for my Business? If you need help deciding, many websites offer a directory of providers in your area. The features they offer can help determine what type of service would best meet your needs. The internet has helped small businesses become more competitive. It provides many resources for research and allows you to compare offers from multiple providers.

VoIP Technology

The use of VoIP technology has allowed small businesses and large businesses to increase productivity and lower costs. This phone system also reduces operational costs because the phone can now be used throughout the office for multiple lines. There are some concerns about security and reliability, but these have been resolved by improvements in these areas by VoIP companies. Many organizations now switch over to VoIP as their primary phone system. Some believe that this new technology will only benefit large businesses shortly and that small Business will not use it because of the higher cost.

Customers & Employees

The best picks for the best Business Phone Systems providers include RingCentral, Netgear, connect here, and TeleFlip. These three companies all have unique offerings and have been successful in offering Business phone systems to businesses. All three of them offer Business phone system integration, which means that your business phone system will automatically cover all calls made by your employees. This also provides extra benefits such as call recording and voice mail, automatic redial, voicemail, speed dial, conference calling, and other conference calling features. Business phone systems with unified communications system capabilities are designed to provide improved and streamlined communication for both employees and clients.

Business phone systems that have voice-over IP capabilities allow your calls to be transcribed into text documents. You can assign a specific person to make all incoming calls. You can also set up a workflow that depends on when calls are made and if an employee or a client makes them. You can configure several ways so that your Business can best cater to your customers and employees through unified communications.


Business phone systems require professional installation. There are two options for installing Business phone systems: hosted PBX equipment and dedicated server hosting. Hosted PBX equipment means that a leased server services your calls from a company that supplies the hardware and software needed to make and distribute calls. If you choose to go with a dedicated server hosting, your calls are made directly to your office server using your high-speed internet connection.

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