How to Order Custom Stamps Online

Stamps are angular, address, personalized, with bank details, with various labels (for example, “Secret”), for marking incoming and outgoing documents, etc.

Stamps come in various shapes – rectangular, usually indicating the details of the institution (name, address, etc.), triangular – usually used for information and internal documents, oval or other, sometimes fanciful forms. Timbri online is a good service for ordering online stamp and you can use it to get a custom stamp and ink delivered to your address.

Stamps are equipped with any types of rigs, both manual (wooden) for a stamp pad, and automatic from leading world brands, where the pad is enclosed in the body of the rig.

Stamps can be made by enterprises without special permission from the internal affairs bodies and registration authorities, but without fail according to statements signed by the heads of legal entities (IP) and certified by the main seal. Application must be submitted or dropped by fax or Email

The samples of our stamps provide options for placing the stamp text in the exact dimensions some automatic rigs. The dimensions of the cliche are indicated in millimeters, the numbers of the rigs are indicated in brackets. If you need punches with exact dimensions, for which there is no automatic tooling, then the dies are mounted on a wooden tooling that can be precisely adjusted to suit your requirements.

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Stamps, simple and complex

Making stamps in Minsk is a more difficult process than making seals. Stamps have a complex structure that allows not only to confirm the authenticity of documents, but also to leave information about the date and institution. We will make any stamp for you, including a complex one, containing a company emblem or logo.

Why is it so important to order a stamp

Statistics show that customers and business partners trust companies with their own stamp much more. It testifies to the reliability, the desire to adhere to the obligations assumed and the high level of qualifications.

Advantages of stamps

  • the base is made of durable materials. This means that you will not have to change the product for a long time, and the image will not be blurred from accidental movement;
  • reinforced springs are used. A good spring simplifies the punching process – you do not need to exert force, just lightly press on the stamp;
  • movable parts are enclosed in a metal frame for increased strength.

We will produce printed materials for companies with different levels of workload. Specialists have the necessary knowledge and skills to create stamps that can withstand constant work in a long period.

An important advantage of the Avinda company is the speed of work. Make an order and pick it up the next day. The use of modern equipment guarantees the timely execution of the most voluminous and complex work. By the way, to order printed materials, you don’t even need to leave your home – just call us or use a special form right on the site.

Do you urgently need to make a stamp in Minsk? Want to get something unique and challenging? Looking for a product that will inspire confidence in your customers and business partners? Contact a reputable stamp company online. We work in full accordance with your requirements!

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