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Njsurcharge (New Jersey surcharge) is a charge imposed on drivers by the government of New Jersey under the New Jersey lawbreaking system. In the Njsurcharge program fine will be imposed on those drivers who surpass the given maximum point set under the New Jersey violation system, which generally states that there will be added fee that is standardly two to three times total of a traffic violation in supplement of the original ticket.

Thus Njsurcharge can be said when a person needs to bear the fine based on points that are calculated throughout the calendar year for breaking laws of traffic.



Under New Jersey violation system there are various approaches to calculate fine, and is imposed on the person who violates laws of traffic. If a person staying in New Jersey and break the law what he/she has to do is to bear such an amount and pay that penalty imposed on him/her at the end of the financial year.

Before we move ahead and talk about the way or method to calculate surcharges we need to understand when a person is bound to pay such a fine.

  • A driving vehicle without a license
  • Already suspended but still driving
  • Points violation
  • Driving while tipsy
  • Without liability insurance

These are some offenses person should avoid if he wants to dodge a fine and on these law violations various charges are imposed.

  1. DRIVING VEHICLE WITHOUT LICENSE: – The first offense is when a person is driving a vehicle without carrying a license then he/she needs to pay approx $100.
  2. SUSPENDED BUT STILL DRIVING: – Another offense when you need to pay a fine is when you are under suspension and still driving then you needs to pay upto $250.
  1. DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED: – Driving a vehicle when intoxicated is a serious crime and for such offense, you need to pay $1000.
  1. POINTS VIOLATION: – Points violation charges have been subdivided into two categories.
  • Upto six pointsyou need to pay $1000.
  • More than six pointsongoingly you need to pay $1500.
  1. WITHOUT LIABILITY INSURANCE: – Driving an uninsured vehicle will cost you around $250.

Do remember that you need to pay a fine for consecutively three calendar years without bypassing, if you do so you need to appear in court for supplemental charges.

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New Jersey lawbreaking system has given various options to pay charges; in this write up we are going to discuss how you can pay charges under the violation system. Before that, you will receive a notice stating the offense you made and a payment envelope. Here are some ways you can choose to make payment for an offense

  • Making payment through cards it can be either debit or credit card.
  • Making payment by cash.
  • Making payment via telephone or online.
  • Making payment by cheque or money order.
  • Making a payment using mail or western coins.

Do remember do not send any amount to MVC (motor vehicle commission), it will not be accepted.

But we will recommend you to make your payment using an online system as it is the easiest and fastest way and it’s not a big deal and less time-consuming than other approaches.


As we have discussed with you that you can also make payment online as one of the easiest and quickest ways to make payment. So we are going to tell you how you can make your payment online.

  • Open up any of your selected bowers.
  • You need to enter the portal in the search bar of your browser.
  • After that head to the “official website” of the New Jersey surcharge violation system.
  • Portal for NYSVS– njsurcharge.com
  • Post visiting the official site, on the “left side” of the page you will various options to check your surcharges.
  • Choose any “option” to check your charges.
  • Fill in the necessary information asked after selecting the given option.
  • You will receive your surcharge record after entering your details.
  • Then tap on the “submit” option given just below your surcharge record.
  • Now you know how much you need to pay.

Point to remember- must have a license number, surcharge number, notice number, and payment plan number before heading to portal.


Njsurcharge notice is filled with massive details given below are some details covered in the surcharge notice.

  • Details regarding the count of violations and their amount.
  • Details regarding withdrawal of license in case of not making timely payment.
  • Details regarding restoration fees.
  • Details regarding fine payable for restoration upon withdrawal of license.

Remember that you need to pay both restoration fees and surcharges to get back your license.


It is not possible for a person to make payment because of the prevailing condition he/she is going with. Given below is a list of defaulters when they fail to make payment.

  • DISABILITY: – A person who is suffering from illness or who is not in good condition needs to have a certificate from a medical doctor. Also, they need to give up their license and it will be interchanged by a non-driver id.
  • PERSON IMPRISONED: – A person who has been sentenced and proceeding to prison must be aware of billing carries. After discharge, restoration and settlement are negotiable as per the level of income.


Yes, you may be charged extra for that, not only charges also law authorize MVC to take strict action for not making timely payment, and certificate of debt will be issued under new jersey superior court. Post that state will collect the unpaid amount and cost of collection as well as interest.

So to avoid such things make timely payment and pay Njsurcharge to avoid suspension from driving or if you are not interested to appear in court.


Njsurcharge is a program launched by the NJ violation system to levy tax on those drivers who are breaking laws and are ordered to make timely payments. These charges are charged every year against those who are exceeding points as per as NJ violation system.

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