What is the full form of MS

Basically “Master Of Science” is abbreviated as MS. Here MS is also known as the synonym of the Master Of Science. The finest degree that we can hold in the section of the bachelor of science it’s a Master of science only. Because it holds the highest position under the category of science in the education system.

Usually, it is called the MSc at the college level and this degree is issued at the University level to students who have successfully completed their academics without any faults. This degree will come under the section of postgraduate level all over the world. This course not only gives us a quality education but also builds so many types of personal development skills.

The normal courses that are available in this MS are General Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, and Gynaecology and the final one is Obstetrics. These are the major courses that an individual can take who are interested in the section of the MS department.


Opportunities after completing the MS

If the person who completed his MS with a good percentage and have suitable knowledge about the surgical items can easily become a surgeon. Because surgeons have the greatest demand in the present society and can excellently lead their life by becoming a master surgeon. But for the first time the person must need to have personal guidance which they can get by working under the senior most doctors in that field. After a few months of assistance under that kind of doctor, they can take a role of surgeon in any hospital he likes.

Level of Education of MS

MS which is commonly referred as the MSc is basically two-year education of post-graduation. The person who holds this MS degree is known as a PG graduate. There are various types of courses that are present in the MS level in many colleges and Universities are from different fields are physics, Mathematics, Botany, Chemistry, Micro-Biology, Bio-Technology and life science. These courses are the specialization courses that are opted by the students for their carrier.

Eligibility criteria for the MS Degree

Each and every candidate who are wishing to pursue the Master of sciences degree they need to obey all the rules that are present below. They are,

1. The person must and should have a bachelor’s degree.

2. One must have cleared all the subjects without any arrears.

3. Percentage of the annual exams must meet the criteria that the college have mentioned where they are going to join.

4. Usually the percentage of the individual must be between 50% to 60%.

5. the age limit of the person may vary from one college to the other college.

Top institutions that offer MS degrees

There are so many institutions that are offering this MS degree but among them few important ones are

  • Sanjay Gandhi PG institute of medical sciences is situated in Lucknow.
  • PGIMER (Post graduation of the medical institute and research) which is located in Chandigarh.
  •  Delhi which is located in New Delhi.


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