In the world of video piracy, one name is prevalent, 4Movierulz, and this website is having more than 3 million users. The users are from India, UAE, Nepal, Bangladesh, and many other neighboring countries. So is Movierulz4 safe to watch? Is this platform better than other video piracy websites?

4Movierulz is famous just because of the quality content and the user-friendly interface. If you ever visit the original domain of 4Movierulz, you’ll realize the interface is very smooth with no glitches.

Do you know how 4Movierulz became popular in the video piracy world? Years back, when 4Movierulz was new to the video piracy world, this website made a record of uploading some South Indian movies just before the release date. As a result, many times, 4Movierulz is banned by the authorities, but still, it is serving its loyal users.

Like many other websites, the majority of content available on this website is dubbed, and some latest releases are available in the raw format. If you prefer watching Bollywood and South Indian movies, you can give it a try to 4Movierulz.

So what do you feel about this fantastic platform, don’t forget to share your opinion with us.


Movierulz4 is packed with a wide variety and to make you understand better we would like to show some of the stuff you can easily see on this website.

  • Bollywood
  • Hollywood
  • Thriller
  • Romance
  • Horror
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Suspense
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil
  • Telugu

All this stuff is available on this entertainment website and various other content you can watch apart from a mention in the above list.

Before moving ahead we would like you to brief about some of its salient features.

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  • NO CHARGES TO VIEW CONTENT- It is a main key feature of this website as it let you watch your preferable stuff without any charges, that’s why it is different from other sites and applications. As most of the streaming and downloading apk and sites charge a monthly subscription but on this site, you can access any content for free.
  • UPDATED CONTENT- Another thing about this site is that it comes with the latest stuff and keeps updating its users with the current and latest content.
  • COMES WITH MULTI LANGUAGE OPTION- This site gives you an option to view the content in more than 22 languages that means you can watch no matter which content and from which region in your native language.
  • GIVES DOWNLOAD OPTION- One of the much-loved key features of movierulz4 is that it let you download any of the stuff you want. As it doesn’t restrict you to streaming only, it gives you the option of streaming as well as downloading.
  • PROPERLY ORGANISED- Whenever you visit the site you will be amazed to know that it is one of the best sites as it is organized properly you can stalk anything without any difficulty. That’s the best thing about this portal; you can search any content as it is not a herculean task.
  • FRIENDLY INTERFACE- As it is, one of the easiest and friendly interfaces, any of the age group can effortlessly use such interface without hardship.


The way to download any content from this website is quite simple what you have to do is follow the step which is mentioned below and you will come to know how to get stuff.

  • First of all you have to open up the “Movierulz4 site” from any of your favorite browsers.
  • Then you will see the “search bar” go to that and write down the movie or content you are looking for.
  • Click on “search” after writing the name of your content.
  • After that your searched result will be displayed on your screen.
  • Select the result which you want to download.
  • Post result you will see is the download option under the movie poster or content.
  • Tap on the option to start downloading a movie.
  • You will notice option will appear to save movies in your preferable storage and in various formats.
  • Choose the option to save a movie and in which format you want to save.
  • After that movie will start downloading and will be saved in your preferable slot.
  • Now what you have to do is take some popcorn with you and dim the lights and enjoy the movie.


Firstly we will not recommend you to use such type of sites but if you still want to use such site what you can do is go with movierulz VPN, as it helps a lot in blocking various traffic and popup ads and various other malware which can hinder and harm your system as well its performance and shorten the life of your device.

Another thing what you have to do is installed premium antivirus which helps in protecting your device from various bugs and defend your device from various threat.


Definitely, you can unblock such sites by using VPN, accessing and downloading movies using a VPN service. The main reason to go with VPN is as it helps in dodging ISP block without facing much trouble as these sites may have some copyright contents, which is not safe.

 Furthermore, IP address of yours can be easily tracked by your ISP, so there is a higher chance that your privacy will be no more confidential and a chance of losing your privacy online. So for that reason, it is advisable to use VPN which is the safest and fastest, so always use VPN to block such sites.


It is an illegal site and is prohibited by the Indian government, because of its unlawful activities as this type of website provides pirated movies, adult content, and various audios which are not made available effortlessly as they are harming our society, so the government banned such sites.

 But we will recommend you to use proper legal sites and app to watch your much-loved content and stay away from such sites.

Best 4MOVIERULZ Alternatives

4MOVIERULZ Alternatives

  • 9xflix

Do you download movies directly and in torrent formats with just one source? 9xflix is the platform where you can stream movies for free and even download them in torrent formats. This is also a video piracy website where you can like browse tons of content for free.

What’s more special about 9xflix than other video piracy websites? The best part is here; every day, content is updated. From Hollywood movies to Turkish drama shows and romantic web series, everything you can get here. Whenever you land on this platform, you’ll always see something new on the home screen.

Surprisingly, 9xflix is never blocked by the government authorities, and creators don’t have any criminal records. Nevertheless, they still keep updating their domain name to avoid getting discovered by the authorities.

According to the reports, every user visiting 9xflix spends nearly 7-8 minutes despite being an illegal website. You should remember visiting video piracy websites is 100% illegal, and you can be behind bars. In our opinion, it’s better to spend some money on Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Netflix. Browsing such websites can be risky, and your Google account might be banned permanently from browsing or downloading something from search engines.

  • 300mb Movies

Believe it or not, 300mb movies is the platform that is quite underrated but one of the best when it comes to pirated content. Undoubtedly, 300mb movies can give fierce competition to Tamilrockers, but it’s not easy to find this pirated website.

Initially, 300mb movies were using one domain, but it was constantly blocked by the government authorities. As a result, the creators have to change the entire domain name. Hence, if you find 300mb movies on the internet, you can’t find the actual domain; some other websites will appear. Nevertheless, it’s easy to find the 300mb movies website with just a couple of minutes of research.

300mb movies is the portal where it’s easy to find Bollywood, and Hollywood movies, 18+ web series, music shows, the latest web series, and even dubbed films. Undoubtedly, it’s a 100% illegal website so browsing it might be pretty risky. However, this website records millions of visits per month and earning thousands of dollars through third-party ads.

In our opinion, users should avoid clicking third-party ads and banner ads to avoid getting infected by viruses. Whenever you’re browsing 300mb movies or other video piracy websites, stream them using VPN or incognito browsing mode.

So if you find the original 300mb movies, drop the URL in the comment section for our readers!

  • Downloadming

As per various reports, more than 200+ websites were launched based on pirated content during the lockdown period. There are very strict rules and regulations regarding pirated content in India, but only a few are popular. Movierulz and Tamilrockers are the most popular video piracy websites you can find on the internet easily.

Today, we’ll talk about Downloadming, which is the exact replica of the Movierulz. The website is very basic, and the interface is super user-friendly. There are no chances of lags and software glitches. Even the current users are happy with the interface and download process of Downloadming.

Downloadming has its own application, which makes the entire downloading and streaming process super easy. There is also an official Telegram channel of Downloadming where you get all the updates of the latest releases. As per the latest resources, trailers and album songs of Radhe, SardarKa Grandson, etc are available on this portal.

In a nutshell, Downloadming is a good pirated website where there are hardly any cons. The website is very basic; there are as such no animations and graphics. In simpler words, you can give it a try to Downloadming and see how it works for you.

So after trying the Downloadming website, share your experience with us!

  • Kuttymovies

How many of you are fond of watching South Indian dubbed movies? Over the years, these movies have become very interesting, and there are as such no funny acts. From storyline to editing and the superb acting by actors, the South Indian film industry is giving a tough competition to Bollywood.

So are you fond of watching South Indian dubbed movies? Or you just want to give a try to these movies? If yes, you should undoubtedly visit Kuttymovies, where thousands of South Indian films are available. Apart from the movies, some Bollywood and Hollywood web series is also available on this platform.

When you search for video piracy websites, you’ll find hundreds of websites literally. The special thing about Kuttymovies is everything sorted on the homepage. Users don’t have to juggle between different categories for finding their desired content. All the movies are easy to access, and there are no chances of your smartphone getting infected by viruses.

As per various reports, Kuttymovies directly download from the Tamilrockers and upload it on the website. In our opinion, whether you’re visiting Kuttymovies or other video piracy websites, never click on ads and follow any signup process.

Which video piracy website you’re currently using for yourself? Let us know in the comment box!

  • Moviesflix

India is the place where millions of people are accessing video piracy websites instead of after giving strict guidelines. Tamilrockers is one of the most popular and highly recommended video piracy websites in India. You can say this website was one of the oldest ones to share pirated content to a worldwide audience.

Inspired by Tamilrockers, Moviesflix also came with the same interface and content. In our opinion, Moviesflix is like the exact replica of Tamilrockers, where you can find numerous banned 18+ web series easily. In simpler words, you can watch loads of illegal content for free and with ease.

Not only is the content illegal, but the entire website is illegal. Above all, Moviesflix is also banned in some parts of the country like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, etc. However, using VPN and similar tricks will allow you to browse this website without any hassle.

Until now, Moviesflix hasn’t faced any criminal charges but just banned in some Indian states. Here, you can watch Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, dubbed, and even adult movies. As per various reports, every user visiting this website spends nearly 6 minutes on Moviesflix.

Thus, now give a chance to Moviesflix and see what this website delivers to you!

  • Todaypk

Are you addicted to watching web series and the latest releases in the lockdown period? Don’t want to shell out your single penny on Netflix and Amazon Prime? Don’t worry because Todaypk is there to help you, and seriously you’ll get the best dose of entertainment from this website.

Todaypk is an illegal website that downloads pirated content from other websites and uploads it for the users. The only thing is Todaypk isn’t blocked until now, and you’re getting loads of entertainment content on this website. From Hollywood and Bollywood web series to music videos and the latest cartoon shows, everything is available on this platform.

In our opinion, Todaypk is not the best watching for people interested in Hollywood and Bollywood web series. Nevertheless, if you prefer to watch Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada movies, Todaypk is the platform you can think of! The current website of this platform is in the beta version, and you might still experience some glitches.

The biggest drawback you’ll ever face while browsing this portal is software glitches and lags that literally kills your browsing experience. In the past few months, many issues are resolved, and many are yet to be fixed. So just give a try to Todaypk and share your opinion with us.

  • Vegamovies

Are you looking for a piracy site that allows you to watch movies and other content in HD format? Do you want all the movies in a compressed format without losing the original video and audio quality? If yes, then read this quick post, and you’ll indeed thank us in the comment section.

Vegamovies is one such website that isn’t popular but has many movies and other content for entertainment lovers. Through this website, you can download any movie at decent internet speed quickly. The best part is your smartphone doesn’t need to put 1GB and above just for a single film.

Believe it or not, by using Vegamovies, you can get nearly 2-3 HD movies within 1GB. Like many other video piracy websites, Vegamovies is also blocked numerous times, but still, it is easy to access through different domains.

The key features of Vegamovies, user-friendly interface, only HD+ movies, and numerous content options. If you’re someone fond of web series, video songs, and even 18+ adult content, this website can deliver you the daily dose of entertainment. In our opinion, access this website in incognito browsing mode and avoid clicking on the ads and sharing your personal data.


Honestly speaking, if you are looking to download any content and to view stuff in better quality go with movierulz4. As it is the finest and economical site which charge nothing to provide you any stuff either for downloading or for streaming online.

But it’s an illegal site so for your safety and betterment always opt legal apps and sites, always go with premium sites.

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