Movierulz is a torrent website for downloading and viewing movies, Movierulz is known for its higher definition content and with the option of download in it. Being one of the most searched and downloaded applications for Telugu movies as you can compare Movierulz with other application which is similar to Tamil rockers. Apart from giving the option to watch and download Telugu movies various other latest movies can be seen here.

Let me tell you something about Movierulz VPN, it is strictly prohibited and banned in India, but still operating illegally. The reason why Movierulz is illegal because it allows users to view and download illegal movies for free. Many rules and restriction has been set by the government to control such activity but fails, as most of the users prefer to download or watch movies through Movierulz VPN.



Most us knows that there are various application and alternatives which let you to stream content but restricts to download such content but this is not in the case of this application. Thus Movierulz lets you access online streaming as well as allows their users to download content as well and also allows their users you watch piracy of many movies from various film industries.

In Movierulz you also get an option to view content in any language. So far this is the most preferable and downloaded option for those users who like to watch the latest content for free.

Before we head to the downloading process using Movierulz we should know about its salient features.


  • FREE OF COST: Movierulz allows their users to view their content for free which means any users can watch, and stream any content without any charges. That’s why Movierulz is better than other streaming applications.
  • FASTEST SERVER: Another key feature of Movierulz is that it provides the fastest server to their users which means faster loading of a page without any hindrance, visitors will see their content without losing connectivity and helps in improving collaborations.
  • HD QUALITY CONTENT: You can watch high-quality videos as they provide you with an option to watch the content in various quality, it can be 720p, 108p, or even 4K as well.
  • 3D MOVIES: Another important and much-loved feature of Movierulz is that there is an option to view the 3D movie as well.
  • GIVE YOU the OPTION TO DOWNLOAD: One of the best key features of Movierulz is that it let you download any of the stuff you want. As it doesn’t restrict you to streaming only, it gives you the option of streaming as well as downloading.
  • USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: As it is, one of the easiest and friendly interfaces, any of the age group can effortlessly use such an interface without hardship. Users can easily open up the app and start watching sports whichever they like.
  • BROAD CONTENT LIST: Here you are going to get wide catalog consist of the latest content (movies and series). That means a ceaseless list optimum for binge-watching.


It is not a big deal to download any movie using Movierulz VPN as they are easily available on the top of the page. Let me tell you some steps you need to follow to get any movie from the mentioned portal.

  • Open up the “Movierulz site” from any of the selected browsers of yours.
  • Go to the “search bar” and write down the movie you are looking for.
  • Tap on “search” after writing the name of a movie.
  • Your searched result will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select the result which you want to download.
  • What you will see is the download option under the movie poster.
  • Tap on that option to start downloading a movie.
  • An option will appear to save movies in your preferable storage and in various formats.
  • Choose the option to save a movie and in which format you want to save.
  • Then the movie will start downloading and saved in your preferable slot.
  • Now you are ready to enjoy the movie.

Movierulz VPN allows their user to view any content in any language and in any quality.


As Movierulz is an illegal site to visit and is totally prohibited by the government of India because its work is against the law, but still I will say it not safe to download any content from unknown sources. But we all know there are some hacks or loops in every strict rule and restriction so this site also comes with some hacks, what you have to do is use a premium VPN to browse any stuff and to download from any portal.

As various sources have revealed that downloading any content from unknown sources may be risky so use a VPN whenever you are downloading or browsing any content.


Vpn helps a lot in restricting and blocking various malware, ads, and other viruses that may harm your device because whenever you are downloading any content from the portal backdoor is created, which can be further used by a hacker to access your device or your system. Additionally, IP address of yours can be easily tracked by your ISP, so there is a higher chance that your privacy will be no more confidential and a chance of losing your privacy online.

The key reason why VPN is needed-

  • To make your online activities safe and secure.
  • You can easily gain access to geo-blocked portals.

So in order to avoid such a thing always use a VPN for browsing and downloading content from the portal.


Candidly speaking, Movierulz is famous for its features and providing their users to download any movies but mainly known for providing Telugu content in higher definition. But I would also like to make you aware of its illegal activities.

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