Why MobaXterm Is Better Than Putty?

MobaXterm and Putty are two of the popular apps for controlling your computer remotely. But which one do you prefer between MobaXterm and Putty? Well, when comparing these apps,  most people think MobaXterm is better as it contains lots of unique features.

MobaXterm uses an SSH tool that is a very handy terminal to control your computer and capable of performing more advanced operations than Putty. Putty is good for accessing the command line of a remote machine, but MobaXterm supports many protocols like SSH, VNC, SFTP, FTP to access all of the sessions.


What are MobaXterm and Putty

What are MobaXterm and Putty

MobaXterm is the ultimate app for remote computing that provides loads of functions. This app is very helpful for programmers, webmasters, IT administration, and those who work on Linux, Unix, or Mac operating systems. It offers a command line terminal to communicate with the underlying system.

On the other hand, Putty is an open source terminal emulator for accessing an account on a Unix or other multi-user system. It allows the use of SSH(Secure Shell) for controlling a remote computer. Along with SSH, it supports telnet, Kerberos, and serial port connection.

Why MobaXterm Is Better Than Putty?

Before downloading, let’s check why MobaXterm is better than Putty.

The Advantages of the MobaXterm

  • MobaXterm supports X server if you require X11 forwarding.
  • Several server tools are included in the MobaXterm, such as HTTPD, SSHD, SFTPD, TTFT.
  • It supports micro control or multi commands in just one single screen.
  • Its SSH tunnel controls and forwarding UI control make everything simple.
  • MobaXterm integrated with a remote file editor and WSL.

The Disadvantages of MobaXterm

  • MobaXterm isn’t completely freeware.
  • Rarely happens some performance issues.

The Advantages of Putty

  • To compile and modify code yourself, Putty enables you to access the root code.
  • Putty is a completely free-to-use app and best for standard clients like Telnet, SSH, and Rlogin.
  • It is very lightweight and doesn’t require much resources to use.

The Disadvantages of Putty

  • Putty doesn’t save passwords, so you have to enter the password every time to log in.
  • For organizing session connections, Putty doesn’t have any function.
  • You can’t open the second session in the same window.
  • Setting up logging or tracing for serial connection is tedious.
  • It contains limited features and doesn’t have any global settings.

After reading this comparative discussion between MobaXterm vs. Putty, you might figure out why MobaXterm is better than Putty. MobaXterm provides all the required functions to use your computer remotely. Apart from that, it offers a colorized terminal that will help you easily find out what a file, directory, or link is.

However, having the MobaXterm For Mac, Windows or Android is really worth it, especially if you are working with more than one remote device. Its friendly user interface makes your project more active and running smoothly.

What People Like About MobaXterm?

What People Like About MobaXterm

Here we have discussed some of the major reasons why most people like the MobaXterm app.

Start Screen

MobaXterm contains a simple and useful start screen. By typing any hostname, you can connect to that server automatically. Besides, if you save any hostname before, you will be redirected to create a new session. The good thing, MobaXterm shows the last nine sessions on the home screen for quick access.

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Integrated SFTP

SFTP session allows you to move or drop files back and forth between file explorers. As a result, you don’t have to open WinSCP for files transferring. Besides, files can be opened or edited by using the built-in or external editor.

X11 Forwarding

X11 forwarding is a useful feature of the MobaXterm that enables you to start up a remote application. It forwards the application display to your local computer. This also helps you to run the GUIs server; for example, you will be able to run Emacs through  .eecs .tufts .edu from your computer.


If the terminal contains keywords, it highlights them in certain colors. It is very helpful when reviewing logs. Besides, the terminal can be tabbed or split horizontal, vertical, or a grid of four. It also enables you to launch multiple windows that can be dragged off to float easily.

Extra Utilities

MobaXterm contains some useful programs and utilities. Through this app, you can temporarily set up an IPERF or TFTP server. It also enables you to use a variety of misc tools like Network Scanner, Port Scanner, etc. Apart from that, running local terminals is an excellent feature of the MobaXterm.

Is MobaXterm Safe to Use?

Is MobaXterm Safe to Use

MobaXterm is absolutely a secure program. It uses SSH connections based on the well known OpenSSH program that is encrypted using the OpenSSL library. Besides, its sources are open so that anyone can review them, and passwords are collected with powerful encryption.

In addition, the default settings of the MobaXterm are strong enough to provide a decent security level. However, if you think some features could be unsafe for you, you can disable them according to your company security level.

How Much Does MobaXterm Cost?

The premium pricing of the MobaXterm starts at $69 per user. It also offers volume discounts according to the number of users. For example, 11-50 users will cost USD 62.00, and 51-200 users will cost USD 55.00. However, It doesn’t have any free version or offers a free trial.


To remotely control your computer, MobaXterm could be a good choice for you. As it contains a graphical tool, you can drag and drop files directly from your computer using a secure SSH connection. Besides, it allows you to launch different independent sessions by opening a multi-tab. As MobaXterm is integrated with a session manager module, you can create and configure remote sessions. You can also save the sessions for further use.

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