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Latest Version AutoRoot Tools Apk Free Download: Whenever something starts working automatically, we call it auto, Meaning that this app automatically roots your mobile.

This article will show you how to root your mobile? You will also find the link to this app in the article below and its entire procedure. Let’s get started.


AutoRoot Tools Review

 This is what many people search for daily. How to auto root Android phone? And many articles and videos tell you to download this app and root your mobile. But even after a lot of effort, you can’t root your mobile.

This app is an Android phone application. Which will recognize your mobile and automatically provide whatever root tool it needs. And it will root your phone. There are very easy steps through which you can root your phone. With one click you can root your phone with AutoRoot Tools.

The AutoRoot Tools app is developed by “Chainfire & XDA”. This has been a very successful app. There are many apps that have failed in terms of root. But the latest version of this app is having a lot of success.

AutoRoot Tools
AutoRoot Tools

Apk information

App Name               : AutoRoot Tools
Full Size                   : 4.0mb
Latest Version      : 4.7.1
Developer              : Chainfire or XDA
Life Time                : Free

Latest Version of Auto Root Tools Apk free download

You will find the link of AutoRoot Tools below so you can download from there. I keep updating daily. Whenever someone comes with the latest version, I update here. You can download from here. And you can check if the updated version is yours or not. If not, you can download the updated version from here.

Click Here For Download


Benefits of Auto Root Tools

1: You get AutoRoot Tools for free.
2: Its owners keep updating it over time.
3: All its processes are automatic.
4: Automatically roots any of your Android devices.

Using Root Tools Tips

1: Your mobile should not be switched off while rooting.
2: Whenever you start rooting your Android phone, your battery should be at least seventy percent.
3: Take a full backup of your mobile before rooting.

Procedure Of Root Tools Apk

  • You have to download the app from the link given in the article above.
  • Just like you install the app first, you have to do the Auto Root Tools apk.
  • You have to give all permissions. Then click on the Start button. Your phone rooted within 5 minutes.

Latest Version Of AutoRoot Tools For Windows

AutoRoot Tools for Windows: You can root your mobile by downloading in your window. Follow the steps below and root your Android phone.

  1. Download App AutoRoot Tool for Windows
  2.  After downloading, install this app on your computer in the same way you install other applications on your computer.
  3. After installing, connect your mobile to the laptop or computer with the data cable and click the start button. Your phone will be rooted shortly.

How do I root my device?

AutoRoot Tools lets you root your phone. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to do anything, just one click will root your phone.

Is one click root safe?

There are some root apps that contain viruses and can steal your phone information. But AutoRoot app is the best app. It allows you to root your mobile and it is a safe app.

Does rooting your phone delete everything?

Auto-rooting or manual rooting never resonates your phone.

What is the safest way to root Android?

The AutoRoot Tools app is a safe app but you can also root your mobile from another app if you want to root. But keep in mind that she must be a professional. If you root with these professionals, do you know if there is a virus in it and it slows down your phone or your phone can be hacked with this virus.


Hopefully in this article your questions and answers have been cleared and you have also learned how to root your mobile through AutoRoot Tools. Thanks for reading This Article.


i am not giving the download link this app provide for help of People.


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