Jazz MB Check Code 2022

Jazz is one of the top Pakistan mobile communication limited companies and an internet service provider. If you are a user of the Jazz network, then you will experience high-speed internet service with ease and convenience.

However, if you wish to check the remaining MBs of the Jazz internet package, you can easily do it with the jazz MB check code.

Now lets look at the Jazz remaining MBs check code so that you can easily subscribe to any available new exciting jazz offer.


Jazz telecommunication company

Jazz is a Pakistani mobile network formed due to the merger of Warid Telecom and Mobilink companies. Also, it offers a wide range of internet packages and services to its post-paid and prepaid customers.

It is one of the largest telecom networks in Pakistan. Jazz has achieved a considerable number of mobile users in a briefperiod. Because of this, Jazz Pakistan has become a famous cellular service offering a reliable telecommunication company.

Along with this, Jazz has reached throughout Pakistan with a range of 3G internet services and a robust 4G LTE network.

Jazz cellular mobile network has also promised a variety of 4G and 3G internet bundle that offers unlimited MBs.

Also, Jazz SIM on Warid SIM holders has an excellent opportunity to check the remaining MBs of Jazz via the jazz MB check code.

Now, here it is mentioned all the methods and the Jazz remaining MBs check code to help you get an idea about your leftover data. With this help, you cannot only trace the remaining data package but also gain new internet packages very early on your mobile phone.

How to check the remaining MBs in the Jazz device?

Follow the below steps to check the remaining MBs in the Jazz device.

  • It is straightforward to check the leftover MBs for Jazz on your account. So, all you have to do is add *2# at the end of the subscription package code, which you must dial to activate your number.

E.g., If you have applied to a weekly net Jazz package, the subscription code is *117*47#. Now, to check out the remaining data for the Jazz, you need to add *2#at the end of the activation code.

So, to check the jazz MB check code, you have to dial *117*47*2#, which will act as a Jazz remaining MBs check code.

  • Similarly, if you have subscribed to the monthly browsing,checking the remaining internet data, MBs will be straightforward. The code to activate this subscription, you have to dial *117*77#. After that, you need to add *2*# at the end of the subscription code to check the MBs out of the 2100 MBs you can consume easily.

Now the code to check the remaining MBs is *117*77*2#.

How to check the balance in Mobilink Jazz 4G?

There are various methods to check the balance on your Jazz Mobilink SIM. For this, you can use the Jazz balance check code to find the remaining balance on the Jazz number. Below are the steps for the same.

  1. Firstly, you have the opportunity to check the remaining balance by dialing the code *111#,and with this, you will be redirected to the automated call session.
  2. The automated voice all machine will now ask you specific questions related to your jazz number and your name. after this, you will be offered the option to check your remaining balance via the automated call procedure.
  3. Now you must dial 8111# from the mobile phone via Jazz SIM to check the remaining balance is a USSD code method. Also, you will be charged Rs. 0.25 for this balance check.

Anyone can also check the remaining balance with the help of a call. Just dial 123 and talk to the customer care representative. A Jazz representative will provide you with the required details.

How can you check the remaining Jazz Weekly Mega offer bundle?

You need to follow the below steps for the same.

  1. It is a non-recursive offer and will not update automatically. Also, you need to dial *159# manually if you wish to enjoy the offer. To check the remaining MBs on yourweekly Jazz offer, dial the *159*2#.
  2. This process will offer you all the relevant details about the jazz mb check code andits validity. You can also check the remaining MBs for the Jazz at Re1. Hence you can avail of these internet offers by subscribing with the help of the required code. Also, the Jazz user can consume 2G/3G/LTE effectively.

What are the methods to check the remaining MBs on the Warid network?

Apart from the Jazz’s remaining MBs check code, there is another method to check out the remaining internet MBs on the Warid network. So, to know the remaining MBs on the warid mobile connection, use the USSD subscription code *100#. After this, the balance on your Warid network will reflect on your mobile screen.

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What is the MBB number in Jazz?

Your MBB number is one tagged with the MBB device. Additionally, it can be from the Jazz network or mobile number of any different service provider and mobile operator. Also, if you want to recharge your MBB device, use the USSD code *6363#. This way, you can also subscribe to any of the MBB bundle offers and get more incentives.

What is the method to check your free Jazz MBs?

You need to follow the below steps you check your Jazz MBs.

  • You can easily access free and fast MBs through ‘Weekly Jazz Browser.’
  • This Jazz weekly browser package will charge you Rs. 50 with 300 MBs internet in 7 days.
  • Now dial 117 and follow the code *117*3#.
  • You can also quickly check the remaining data Jazz through a subscription code *117*3*2#.

Terms and conditions

  • Check the remaining MBs for Jazz via the code like *111#, or you can also dial 123 for the balance check details. However, you will be charged Rs. 0.25 as tax.
  • The above-mentioned offers are only valid for the Jazz customer to have internet access.
  • Moreover, the remaining Jazz MBs check code offer will also be available for 2G, 3G, and 4G customers.

Authorities for Pakistan Telecommunication PTA declared Jazz as one of the 3G and 4G internet service providers.

It has also become one of the largest telecom networks in Pakistan,with around 55 million subscribers.

Being one of the most reliable and affordable mobile and internet service providers, Jazz has also converged a vast fan base.

Jazz has also offered its subscribers unique internet packages, calls, and SMS at affordable prices. You can also avail any of the internet Jazz 4G packages if you want to experience enough data and fast internet simultaneously.

Below are some famous jazz package names with their code

Jazz Packages Name Jazz MB Check Codes
Weekly Mega *159*2#
Weekly Mega Plus *453*2#
Weekly Premium *117*47*2#
Weekly Make Your Own Bundle *303*7#
Monthly Make Your Own Bundle *303*30#
Weekly Social *660*2#
Weekly Streamer *117*7*2#
Monthly Hybrid Bundle *430*2#
Monthly Mega *117*31*2#
Monthly Mega Plus *117*30*2#
Monthly Supreme *117*32*2#
Daily Social *114*2#
Weekly All Network *700*2#
Weekly SMSWhatsApp Bundle *101*2*07#
Weekly Hybrid *407*2#
Sahiwal Super Night Offer *577*2#
Daily SMSWhatsApp Bundle *334#
Mandi Bahauddin Offer *565*2#
Daily Social Recursive *455*2#
Sargodha Weekly Offer *627*2#
Dg Khan Monthly Offer *705*2#
Haftawaar All Rounder Offer *747*2#
Apna Shehr Haftawar Offer *406*2#
Jazz Super Duper Card *601*2#
Gujranwala Super Night *775*2#
Weekly Plus *157*2#
Sheikhupura Super Night *577*2#
Super Shahdadkot Monthly *873*2#
Super Plus *558*2#
Daily WhatsApp Offer *311*2#
Daily Data Bundle Peak Off Peak *117*4*2#
Nowshera Data Offer *598*2#
Sindh Daily Offer *522*2#
Karachi Haftawar Data Offer *545*2#
Chiniot Weekly Hybrid Offer *664*2#
Weekly Super Duper *770*2#
Weekly YouTube *570*2#
Weekly Anniversary *505*2#
Monthly Browser *117*77*2#
Daily Super *212*2#
Sindh Super Night Offer *773*2#
Multan Offer Free Facebook WhatsApp *499*2#
Daily Day Bundle *340*2#
Free WhatsApp *225*2#
Kpk Offer *522*2#
Nowshera Data Offer *598*2#
Sindh Daily Offer *522*2#
Karachi Haftawar Data Offer *545*2#
Chiniot Weekly Hybrid Offer *664*2#
Daily Browser *117*11*2#
Daily Karachi Offer *400*2#
Monthly Super Duper *706*2#
Monthly Super Duper Plus *707*2#

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