How To Jazz Cash ATM Card order online application Full Detailed

You must have heard about your Jazz Cash ATM Card. In this article we will talk about Jazz Cash ATM. This article will tell you how to get this ATM card and what its charges are.

There are many types of ATM cards, just like any bank can have an ATM card. So, the jazz company started a jazz cash bank system. In which you can transfer money to someone and also receive money. When you start sending money, you withdraw from any jazz cash shop. But they used to charge a lot of money, etc. You didn’t want to pay, that’s why Jazz started the Jazz Cash ATM card system.

The Jazz Cash ATM card system has many benefits for those who used Jazz Cash standby. Because they can withdraw money from any bank’s ATM machine. And the charges will be the same as the tax. No separate charges will be levied on you.



There are three types of card. The first is Jazz Cash Visa Classic Card, the second is Jazz Cash Visa Classic Plus Card and the third is Jazz Cash Visa Debit Card.

There is no significant difference between the three, only the limit. You can withdraw Rs 50,000 a day in Visa Classic and Rs 100,000 a day in Visa Classic Plus. With Visa Debit Card you can withdraw Rs. 40,000 in a day.

But you get levels in Jazz Cash Visa Debit. At Zero Level you can withdraw 25,000 rupees a day. At Level One you can withdraw 50,000 rupees a day.

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Jazz Cash ATM Charges

Many people know about the card but they don’t know what their charges are and how much money you have to pay when ordering it, so they do a Google search (Jazz Cash ATM Charges).

You must have 600 rupees in your account to make this card. If there are less than that, you will not have an order.

How to Jazz Cash ATM Order Online Application?

First you have to download Jazz Cash app in your mobile. And you have to login with your number and password.

  • On the top left you will see three lines. Click on them.
Jazz Cash ATM Card
Jazz Cash ATM Card
  • Here you will find a lot of options. You have to click on Jazz Cash Visa Debit Card.
Jazz Cash ATM Card
Jazz Cash ATM Card
  • In the top side you will find the card order. Click on it.

  • After clicking on Card Order, you have to click the Order Now button.
Jazz Cash ATM Card
Jazz Cash ATM Card
  • Then you have to confirm your address and name, whether you have spelled your name or not, and give the address and click on the Next button.


  • You have to click on the Deliver to own address. So that every card that arrives comes to your home address.


  • Then you have to click on Verify Address and Proceed.


  • Your card will now arrive in your home within ten or fifteen days.


How can I get jazz cash ATM card?

You have to have Card Order for which you have to have six rupees in your account. You will get a jazz card for whatever address you wrote while giving the order. If you did not enter the address, you will get it from the nearest bank. You can also track your order.

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