Instagram Posts Vs Instagram Stories: Which Is Better For Brands?

Instagram has come on leaps and bounds since it got underway as a wonderful way for people to voice themselves. The system now provides various opportunities for marketing departments wanting to reach their audience members, varying from repeated posts to live video content and Stories.

Instagram Stories are a good way to communicate with your follower base. Nevertheless, you won’t be throwing up a bunch of subject matter on your Stories and anticipate it to connect with users right away.

You must focus on ensuring that your plotline techniques supplement the images and videos in your Insta posts feed. Instagram posts and Instagram Stories appear on the same app, but they’re quite different.

If you’ve turned up here, that’s because you’re struggling to figure between Instagram posts and Instagram Story or starting to figure out what information works best for each feature.

We’re here just to help you!


Instagram Posts

Instagram Posts

Instagram posts encompass the overwhelming bulk of Instagram content. These are the standard square video and pictorial posts that we can see in the feeds of your followers. Instagram captions can be up to 2,200 characters long as of 2020, but the ideal Instagram post caption length is anywhere between 138 and 150 letters.

What Are They?

What Are They?

Instagram posts are the pictures and clips that emerge in a user’s newsfeed and are how Instagram was traditionally considered for.

Posts, then most stories, are “permanent” (or at least until they are deleted).

Users can also create captions to images and videos, which show up from underneath the images and videos.

What Are They Useful For?

What Are They Useful For

  • Having to send a lengthier message: Stories don’t have a great deal of room for text. Posts, on either hand, allow the user to enter a description of up to 2,200 characters. Just aim to communicate any key points early on – that everything longer than the last three lines will necessarily involve human input to read the rest of the description.
  • Information that can be discovered: Unlike Stories, posts can be “explored.” Instagram individuals can add their blogs more readily accessible by employing functionalities such as destination targeted delivery and currently popular hashtags.
  • Designing polished information: Instagram is mainly a form of visual communication. This allows the user to take components of the program to brand image and design and then end up making that the central focus of your posts.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

If you really want to boost your Insta involvement and participation, Instagram stories are indeed the way to go. Instagram stories, even so, are 15-second tidbits of intriguing and highly interactive content. 

Face filters, stickers, and references that could be used in a classic Instagram post are frequently included. Typically, the timbre of the stories is more low-key. They regularly communicate headlines, polls, discounted rates or sales, and sometimes even backstage videos.

What Are They?

What Are They?

Instagram Stories are a nice complement to the Instagram multiverse. Instagram Stories was invented to stay competitive with Snapchat’s prominence as a framework for people to download “fleeting” material.

Often these stories are really only accessible 24 hours until being instantaneously removed by the structure. You can however make those stories visible to your audience by highlighting them.  Nevertheless, you have to choose this option instantaneously or the system will eliminate them.

Instagram Stories can be clips or photographs with messages added. Users can also have sent text-only editions of their stories to others.

What Are They Useful For?

What Are They Useful For?

  • Showcasing off your company’s fun side: Posts are much more streamlined than stories. As an outcome, they’re suitable for public record however much fun they can now have. This may include anything from trying to take users behind the scenes at a work function to having a great time with some clients or people in the audience.
  • Coming up with new content types: Stories are great even though they dry up after 24 hours. This makes it possible to find out new forms of content that you will not want to maintain on your Instagram profile endlessly. With stories, you can work on new techniques. If they don’t operate, they disappear. When they do, you should begin and use them for posts immediately.
  • Increasing webpage clickthroughs: Some Business social media accounts have direct exposure to the “swipe up” characteristic for their own stories. This gives them the ability to provide a web address in their stories. It’s one of the very few ways brand names can use their Instagram presence to continue driving traffic to websites. What’s the flaw? You should have at least 10,000 followers to use the characteristic.
  • Use geographic labels: Geographical tags are now accessible on Instagram Stories, attempting to make your company or business more readily accessible both locally and globally. It is a cost-effective approach to access different populations, whether you should be categorizing a physical site, a city, or maybe even a country.

Instagram Posts and Instagram Stories: What’s the Difference?

Instagram Posts and Instagram Stories: What's the Difference?

Posts on Instagram are typically accompanied by plenty of hashtags.

Instagram posts often last a lifetime. They continue to stay on your account perpetually (unless you remove them), so they grow in popularity over the period. It also presupposes that you must carry out research on quality standards for constructing your post.

They must contribute to the realization and principles of your brand, and also the level of excellence content, something which your followers have grown to expect. As a consequence, big manufacturers or account Instagram posts criteria have been met.

Instagram Stories are more nebulous and pleasurable. Instagram Stories only last about 15 seconds and are immediately removed after 24 hours.

You could, nevertheless, exhibit your best Instagram Stories at the upper edge of your account, where they will persist perpetually.

Instagram Stories come to the top of the app instead of in someone else’s feed. Instead of a square shape, Instagram Stories use a longitudinal video or photo layout.

They commonly involve stickers or filters that are unsuitable for use in Instagram posts.

Instagram stories are much more informal since they’re more ephemeral. They are being used as a real-time intervention strategy rather than just an idea, refined Instagram post.

When Should You Use Instagram Posts?

When Should You Use Instagram Posts?

Instagram posts work best for the following types of content:

  • Evergreen – Subject matter that you really want a person to be allowed to see for the rest of their life.
  • Curation – If you really want to approach a great number of people, curate elevated concentrations for your Instagram feed. Posts are much more ready to attain new viewers than Stories.
  • Inaudible – Most users scroll through their feeds with the sound turned off. So, businesses should try making their content visually appealing. 

Instagram posts could be:

  • Product photography, which includes a lot of creativity 
  • Videos that are well-produced and designed.

When Should You Use Instagram Stories?

When Should You Use Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are best used for:

  • Timely – Because stories last only 24 hours, they can be more “at the moment.”
  • Casual – Selfie videos and behind-the-scenes content are more common in casual settings.
  • Designed for interaction – Your current followers will watch your Stories.
  • Sound on – Most users watch Instagram Stories with their sound on. 

So here are a few examples of business  Instagram Stories:

  • Important updates
  • Short-term sales 
  • Polls for your customers
  • Interviews 

How Do Instagram Stories and Posts Can Complement Each Other?

How Do Instagram Stories and Posts Can Complement Each Other?

Did you guys know that approximately six of every ten Instagram users sign back in at least once each day? That tends to make it the biggest social media site; astounding! With several users, your subject matter must continue to stand out even more. So, Instagram posts or Instagram stories?

Implement Some of the Content Types You Experimented With Within Stories

Stories are an absolutely superb staging point for the type of content and topics that you’ll want to try out in your posts.

Try to integrate something that appears to work in a story into the remaining portion of your content marketing strategy.

Make Use of Posts to Gain Followers

Stories are usually great for enhancing the customer experience once they’ve begun following you.

However, you must also inform them of your existence in the first place. By optimizing your posts with hashtags and location labeling, you can capture wider viewers for your stream and get nearer to the 10,000 followers and more likes considered necessary for the swipe-up characteristic.

You can use MegaFamous’ Instagram growth service to increase your followers rapidly.

Be Polished in Your Posts and Have Fun in Your Stories

Stories and posts can live harmoniously.

Assume you’re intending a challenge. You could perhaps make a lot of posts and let everyone know exactly what’s going on.

And in the meantime, you could use the stories function to remind folks about the competition on a regular basis – however in a wonderful way.


We’ve by now told you everything that you need to know.

Business owners can use Instagram to start engaging with their viewers on a constant schedule. Certainly, Instagram recently started releasing Instagram Story capabilities that allow you to: Make a survey. Using polls on Instagram Stories promotes viewer interactions and relationships.

Instagram Stories allows users to share a range of stuff. You can basically post whatever you like without having to worry regarding annihilating your Instagram feed’s “concept” or “visual appeal.”

While posts can be important for a popular Instagram business, Instagram stories offer additional quicker and safer options for users to interact directly with their preferred brand products.

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