What’s the first thing you do when you want to watch some movies? Either you’ll look for some movie channels on your television, head towards YouTube, or open Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Nowadays, we don’t think anyone is watching those movie channels. YouTube doesn’t have the latest releases; this platform blocks the channels comprising on movies. The only resource remaining for getting your daily dose of entertainment is Netflix and similar platforms.

What if someone wants to watch the latest releases but don’t want to pay for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video subscription? In such a case, it’s challenging to watch the latest releases from third-party websites for free and without any hassles.

But you can’t forget those illegal torrent or pirated websites. Are they still present on the internet? You’re talking about the presence; they dominate on the internet; just check out Alexa ranks of such websites.

Today, we’ll talk about iBomma, one of the popular torrent websites primarily for Telugu movies. Telugu film industry is not rich as Bollywood, but they come with better movies instead of just remakes.

Believe it or not,iBomma is one of the fastest-growing pirated websites literally have tons of movies on the internet. From the 90s Telugu movies to all the latest releases, everything is present under one roof.

So without further ado, today we’ll discuss everything about iBomma; STAY TUNED!

A Brief Overview Of iBomma

iBomma is one of the famous torrent websites which is 100% free and available for everyone. When you’re using this platform, you don’t have to pay a single penny and not even juggle creating the account and login processes. Currently, iBomma is becoming the toughest competitor for the oldest video piracy websites like Tamilrockerz, movierulz.

On this website, you can get Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi movies. As per our research, this website is primarily for people interested in Telugu movies. iBomma is not something new in the market; it was blocked in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

This website was recording millions of visits per day, and its popularity was increasing rapidly. The search engines suddenly blocked it due to copyright infringement issues. Nevertheless, within a couple of months, iBomma was back with a fresh domain and interface.

In the last couple of years, iBomma was always at the risk of getting blocked anytime, but now things have changed for this website. It’s been more than one year, iBomma is working perfectly, but cannot predict the future.

As per the sources, iBomma is not coming under the limelight, and the original domain isn’t discovered by many viewers. However, some reports are also claiming that iBomma is still blocked by the Government of India.

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What Can You Expect From iBomma?

On this website, you can even watch the Telugu movies of the 80s and 90s era. Believe it or not, Telugu movies that you cannot get on YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video are available on iBomma. You can watch the films on this platform at HD, HD+, and even 4K resolutions. The older movies might be available in 480p resolutions, but the latest ones are available in HD+ formats.

Nevertheless, iBomma is also dependent on OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (only for the latest releases). If the movies are released on these platforms, then only you can find them on iBomma. The only difference is you have to pay for streaming movies on OTT platforms, and iBomma doesn’t charge anything from the streamers.

You just have to type your desired movie name in the search bar, and it will automatically appear on the screen. As you click on the thumbnail, the movie will be automatically downloaded on your device.

As per the user reviews, this platform is not the best to use on a desktop. On the contrary, when you’re using it on your smartphone, everything works perfectly. It means iBomma isn’t desktop-friendly; we hope creators will fix this shortly.

Quick Features Of The iBomma

From Telugu movie shows to the latest releases, iBomma is the one-stop destination where you can even download the movies and even stream your favorite content.

  • With iBomma, you can watch all the Telugu movies and web series for free.
  • From original Telugu movies to the dubbed web series, everything is available on this platform.
  • Users who prefer to avoid downloading pirated content on their devices for security purposes can stream the content online.
  • Users don’t have to follow any signup process, and no need to share credit card details. Just visit this website, search for your desired content, stream or download it; nothing else is required!
  • iBomma also provides some awesome ringtone and also 3D audio songs for music lovers. You can download them, but the availability is less.

Is It OKAY To Use iBomma Website?

Yes, it’s OKAY to use iBomma for a short period, but you can’t depend on this platform for life long. As there are nearly hundreds of video piracy websites on the internet, the Indian Government isn’t taking strict actions against them.

The search engines just block them, and they come up with new primary domains and subdomains. Like iBomma, there are countless websites, and their daily traffic reports and Alexa ranks are shocking.

We’re just trying to stay unbiased and guiding you as per our research and guidance. In our opinion, you can use the iBomma website, but not for a longer period. Avoid clicking on the ads and getting deeper into the website.

Regardless of the video piracy websites, you just have to download your desired content and don’t forget to use incognito browsing mode. Some other day iBomma will be blocked, but it will soon come back; you can’t expect it to stay active 24/7/365.

Final Thoughts

This was everything you should know about iBomma and now using this website or not is your choice. If you’re using this website, follow all the safety measures and try to avoid visiting such sites multiple times a day.

So will you stream iBomma tonight or at the weekend? Let us know in the comment box!

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