How to Whisper in Minecraft?(easy & simplest ways) 2021

Minecraft is an extra-ordinary game, So in this game Whisper feature is used to communicate secretly with your friend or player so we will teach you How to Whisper in Minecraft in an easier way.

Minecraft is an international game you can play it online as well as offline you can create everything which comes to your mind mean a large house, trees, and anything else. It is a play to create, dream it, Build it and enjoy.


How to Whisper in Minecraft?

Whispering is also known as Messaging or simple commanding to other players through msgs and it is a brilliant chat tool that you can send the message to another friend privately no one other can see is,t a cool feature by Minecraft? So commanding to others also depends upon your system mean computer, Xbox, and others.

  • Type/tell

You have to first type /tell on your computer or pc and then you @ this to select the options.

  • @a if you want to message all of the players
  • @e if you want to communicate to all entities
  • Select @p to whisper to your closest player


So through this method you can send messages to all of your friends to the player which you will choose and any other will not see haven,t you enjoyed the content?


Minecraft is an open-ended game, you can build your dreams mean you built everything. Two modes in Minecraft are:

  • Survival
  • Creative


In survival, the player has found their own supplies.


In creative you will be given the supplies and you not to eat to survive.

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Purpose of Minecraft Game

The purpose of Minecraft is simply to build and to explore everything.