If you want to know that How To View Private Instagram So read this post in full. This method is 100% real method for you with all explanation.

If you have a crush or you love someone or you have a friend you love very much. So he is active on social media as Instagram is a very high profile photo sharing app. Where you share your beautiful photos – but they are private.

If you want to see a photo of someone who has kept your photo private, then read this post in its entirety and you will learn how to view private Instagram. From you can see their pictures.

It doesn’t have to be your love or friend, it may be that you are a parent and want to keep an eye on your son or daughter’s Instagram account to see what kind of photos they are uploading. In this post you will learn about the full Instagram. I will tell how to view private Instagram account.

Create Instagram Account

 First of all, let’s learn how to create an Instagram account. Then you will know that you have created an Instagram account but how to make it private. So that no one else can see your photos or your followers who have followed you.

First you have to download the Instagram app. Then you have to open the Instagram app. And you will see three ways in which you can sign up, that is, create your account.

 The first way is through Facebook. The second way is through email address and the third way is through your phone number. So I would prefer that you create your account through your number, then you have to click on the email address and phone number where you have written. As you can see in the picture below.


You will then have the option to sign up with your phone number or email address so you have to click on the phone number. Dial your phone number there. Then you have to click on the Next button. As you can see in the picture below.


After doing the next you will get the option then you have to do the next. Then another option will come. Add profile photo. If you want to add your photo, you have to add it. If not, you have to click on the skip button. Then you will have the option. People have to click on the skip option. Then you will be entered in Instagram and you have to click on the Just OK button. You will find the full sketch below. You can see the picture.


What is Private Instagram Account

A lot of people don’t even know what a private Instagram account is, so in this post I will tell you what a private Instagram account is. So you guys create an account on Instagram. But you may have noticed that whenever someone searches for you by your name, every one of your data is shown to them. Your photos are also shown to you as well as those who followed you. Yes, they are also trying.

 If you create a private account, your photos and followers will not be shown to them. Only people who follow you will have shows. And when they follow, you will get a request. If you allow it, they can only see your profile, that is, all the people who have uploaded their photos. If not, they can’t see your photos and Nor can followers know who has followed them. So this is the benefit of creating a private Instagram account.

How To Create Private Instagram Account

As I mentioned above, how to create Instagram account, the account is created exactly. But by creating an account and going to its settings, it is made private. So this becomes a private Instagram account. It has five steps.

 1: You have to go to your profile and click on the top three lines.
2: When you have this option, you have to click on the setting button below.
3: In it you will find a lot of options. You have to scroll down to find the option of account privacy. And click on it.
  4: After that you will get the option of private account, you have to enable it.

  5: After that you will be asked for some privacy etc. All you have to do is click on OK option and it will become your private Instagram account. Follow the chart given below.


Can I view private Instagram?

Many videos you have seen and many articles you have read there you are told that you can view private Instagram profile and what he has shared his videos and photos without following you can. But absolutely fake you guys have read. Instagram will never want to leak anyone’s private things.

 But there are some legal ways you can see and some illegal ways you can see. All the articles you have read tell you that you can view private Instagram account. But let me tell you – there is only a 50% chance that you can see the profile of this account and there is a 50% chance that you can’t.

  So the methods I will share today are two ways in which you can see 100% of the profile of any private account and the photos that he has shared and the third way you will have a 50% chance. That you can view any private account.

How To View Private Instagram

1: Call it direct

This is a legal method that will not bother you in any way and you can see his profile picture or the photos he has kept private by sending him a direct message.

* Follow the person whose private account you want to see. There is a 50% chance that he will follow you. If he follows you, you will be able to see his private photos which he has kept private. Are

* If he does not follow you, you have to send him a private message. Any feelings you have about it are worth sharing. If he likes hearing your feelings, he will definitely follow you and make friends with you.

*  You must make sure that a message is sent that will appeal to you. You have to say some special words for what you have to type and send it in a private message. There is a 70% chance that he will send you back messages.

Create Fake Account On Instagram

This is also a legal way for you to view her private profile and the private photos she has taken.

* First you have to create an Instagram account and write the name of a girl on it. Which looks very original and you have to put a picture of a girl on her profile.

* Now that you have created an account, you don’t have to message or follow it. The first 7 to 8 days you guys have to upload some fashion related pictures on it. In which girls are interested.

* When 7 to 8 days have passed and you have uploaded a lot of photos. So your account will look very original. Then you have to follow him and start talking to him. Because everyone talks to girls, when your account looks original, he will definitely talk to you, whether he is a girl or a boy.

* So you can talk to him like this and get him to follow back. There is a 99% chance that he will follow you and trust you so that you can see as many private photos of him as you want.

View Private Instagram Through Third Party App

It’s a method I would never say you use this method to view someone’s private things. If you still want to see, you can use the method I will tell you. This allows you to view someone’s private account.

But you have to see it on your own. I will never say that you should use this method. I will tell you all the defects of this method in the next Topic. But for now I will tell you this method.

* First you have to open the website It Weak VIP.

* After opening, you click in the search bar to download Instagram Plus.


* When you search Instagram and click on it, you will get the option to start inject, you have to click it.

* After that you will be asked to download 2 applications, then you have to download it, then your Instagram Plus Plus will be downloaded, then you have to open your ID there.

And then whenever you open it and then open the ID of the person whose private account you want to view, you will see an option there. Private photo then you click on it. By doing so, you will see their private photos and profiles there. You can easily go and see and write.

How can I see private Instagram without surveys?

Many of you have seen videos and articles that tell you that you can view Instagram’s private account but when you get there you are given a survey to fill but you never They can’t solve it either because they make money from your clicks and not because they don’t show you the account that is private. No one can see it. There is only one way that you can see from the way I have mentioned above and two ways are legal but the third way I will never ask you to stand by.

Disadvantages of the third party app for View private Instagram

* Most of you have seen that all the apps that leak someone’s privacy to you are never on the Play Store or App Store, we have to download them from Google. Because these apps aren’t worthy of certainty, Google doesn’t add them to its Play Store.

* Whenever you use these applications or websites, they will ask for your G mail account or give it to someone to complete the survey. They will hack your account and extract your numbers from there. They leak numbers or seal a big company.

 As you may have noticed that you have not given a number to any company but your number gets some advertisement message that is why the company whose message came has bought your number from somewhere. In the same way, your data can be leaked.

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