How To Transfer Money Through ATM HBL, MCB, UBL?

If you also use HBL ATM card standby then you should come to send money from it. So today we will learn how to transfer money through atm HBL?

HBL is a very good bank from which we can also transfer money. But why do we have to send money through ATM card? If you have noticed that there are long lines when you go to the bank. So, to avoid these lines and save your time, you can also send money through your ATM card. That is why we will learn today how to transfer money through atm HBL?

How to Transfer Money Through Atm HBL?

  • First you have to insert your ATM card into the ATM machine.
  • You will then be asked for your PIN code so you have to enter your PIN code there.
  • Here you will find a lot of options but below you will find the funds transfer option. Click on it.
 Transfer Money Through ATM
Transfer Money Through ATM
  • If you are transferring money to another account then you have to click on Account at Other Bank.
  • After that you will have a list of many banks in front of you. So, you have to select the bank to which you want to transfer money.
  • If you do not see the bank in which you want to send money in this list, you can also click on the Next option.
  • Once you have selected your bank, you will be asked for an account number. There you have to give the account number of the servant you want to send.
How to Transfer Money Through Atm HBL?
How to Transfer Money Through Atm HBL?
  • You will then be asked how much money you want to send so you have to write down your amount from there.
  • When you write your amount then you come across the full details of the servant who has the account so that you can verify and you can deliver the money to the right servant.
  • Your money will be transferred when you verify and click OK.


If you also want to avoid long queues at the bank, you will have to send money to your ATM card thrower. So I hope you have learned from this article how to transfer money through atm HBL?