How to spectate in Fortnite? Step By Step

As You know the Fortnite Chapter 2 has arrived with a Mind-blowing feature that is more demanding in the game that you can spectate your friend while he is playing because when you logged in to your account and you see your friend/buddy he is playing so you find the way to How to spectate in Fortnite.

As discussed above you can spectate your friend in chapter 2 by following these steps these are a little tricky but it is guanine. The reason is that you can spectate your friend when you in the lobby and the important here is you can spectate your friend if he is been playing the game for 30 seconds at least he is not dropped from the bus.


How to Spectate?

The following steps are included you have to follow to spectate your friend in the Fortnite game.

  • First Go to your Fortnite and login into your account.
  • Go to your friend Profile (make sure you both are in the same lobby)
  • And there will be a spectate option and click on it.
  • You will be spectating if he has not dropped down.


Let clear some point from your mind about spectating. The first problem coming here why can,t I spectate my friend in Fortnite?

why can,t I spectate my friend in Fortnite?

The problem here is coming that when they click on the Spectate Option. An error comes that is “The Game cannot be joined right now” so if you wanna spectate your friend you have to be on time mean before he/she is not dropped down from the bus so you will not spectate your friend.

The next thing people want to know is that can we spectate in the Fortnite arena.

Can I spectate In Fortnite Arena?

Yes, you can by following these points:

  • Log in to your Fortnite account
  • Go play the arena
  • Select the math or pastoral you like to spectate
  • Click to the Spectate Mode
  • You are ready to go.


Do Bots in Fortnite Spectates?

This is a major confusion in many user’s minds that they feel very proud that people are spectating him that he play very well but sometimes a confusion came to mind that is this a bot so the answer to this question is “NO”. The Following s we listed which bot cannot do:

  • Can,t Drive
  • not in Human teams
  • Can,t Spectate



The final words of this post are You can Spectate in Fortnite because of the Chapter 2 update so you have to log in to your account and the thing you make sure you have yo in the lobby of the friend which you want to spectate and the next thing is the friend will not be dropped down from the bus have to be in the waiting area if you u want to spectate after that you can’t spectate him. The next thing is you can spectate in the Fortnite arena and the next question answer is “No” Fortnite Bots cannot Spectate you.


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