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How To Sell On Daraz.Pk> Daraz Seller Account 100% Earn Money

How To Sell On Daraz.Pk

Daraz is doing a great job in Pakistan. Daraz is a website that provides you with goods. So today we will tell how to sell on

People buy their goods at Daraz. But if you are sitting at home and you are not doing any work. So, you can also make money by selling your stuff on daraz. Daraz PK is a website that you can sell anything you buy in normal life on Daraz PK.

So, in this article we know what we have to do for this. And will we get the benefit? So let’s get started how to sell on

How can I sell my product on daraz?

You must have an account to sell your product on this site. If you have ever visited Daraz website or app, there you will find the option of a seller account on which you will have to create an account. Only then will you be able to sale your item on the daraz.

The website will verify your account when you create your account. After verifying, you can put pictures of your product there. You will then start sealing. And you will also start getting orders.

When you receive an order on the daraz, you have to pack the order and go to any TCS. There you will deliver the parcel or if Daraz Hub is in your city then you can also submit the parcel there. And the order will reach your client.

Now it may come to your mind that when we place an order from a daraz, the packaging on it is a daraz. So, when you verify your seller account on the daraz then you also apply for the packing then you get the packing with its logo from the Daraz then you can pack the order and send it to your client.

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Investment on Daraz Seller Account

You can also invest in this site. You can make a warehouse of whatever you want to sell. In which you will buy and keep them together so that whenever you receive an order, you can take it out, pack it and send it to your client.

 Whenever you receive an order, you will know that I have this item. You can easily send this thing. If you run out of stock, you can remove this post from the Daraz. So that his order does not come again. If you have to build a warehouse, you can also store your wares in a daraz. The advantage of this is that you will not have to pack whenever your order arrives.

How To Sell On Daraz.Pk
How To Sell On Daraz.Pk

Without Investment Business

You can start without investing in this side. If you are a student, you will not have enough money to invest. You will have a friend’s shop near your house. Or you have to contact any shop owner and you have to give it to me whenever you are asked for it.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Then you have to take two or three pictures of the same thing from there. You have to post these pictures on your daraz seller account. Whenever you receive an order, you have to pick up the item from the shopkeeper and pack it and write the address etc. of any TCS or Daraz Hub. So that your product reaches your customers.

But be sure to take care of this if you want to take the product from this store and send it to your client. So, when you get an order, if it doesn’t have that product, where will you get it from? Then there may be a problem for you. Your rankings may also be affected.

Daraz Commission Percentage

This site will also take a percentage of whatever you take from you because you are selling your item on its platform. So, keep in mind that whenever you sell your item here, you have to put all the expenses and put a price on your post. You can also find a lick of this percentage on Daraz website where you can see what percentage we have to pay on what.

How to Get Order on your Daraz Seller Account?

The biggest mistake you make is when you start a seller account. That you buy and keep the same things that are already available in large quantities in Daraz. If a lot of people are already selling such things then you will hardly get an order.

Here you should seal the thing that very few people are selling then your post will come up people will see and you will order. If you go for high competition, such as hands-free charges, a lot of people are already selling things like this. So, you will never come up yet, it will take a long time to come up.

Payment on

When your order goes to your customer, you will hand over the money of your order to the TCS holder. The money will go to the Daraz. Fifteen days after your account will be calculated. It will take your commission out of it and transfer it to your account. You must also have a bank account.

Final Words

There are a lot of people making money on Daraz. You can also make money by creating a seller account. I hope you have learned from this article how to sell on daraz? If you enjoyed this article, be sure to share it with your friends