How to restart Discord? How to refresh Discord?

Discord is one of the biggest social media chat applications with millions of users especially made for or commonly used by gamers. It is the best text and voice chatting software. It let you make a profile and interact with people online but sometimes due to the server issue it gots down mean discord break down so we will tell How to restart Discord? and we will also discuss how to refresh Discord?


How to restart Discord when it is not opening?

How to restart Discord on PC or Laptop?

Sometimes when we open Discord not open clearly means it shows a black screen or not opening so we will here discuss the solution let,s straight get to the point without wasting time.

  1. Once you find this type of black image on your discord when you open it so you have to Restart it for its proper functioning and have to follow the steps.
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2.Then Go to your Window bar there will a search option in right to it and then type RUN and an application will open then click on it.

3.After opening you have just to type their %apptodata% and then click enter a lot of files will open in your front.

4.Then find the Disord option and click Delete because it is an extra file that is blocking your Discord that the reason may be which stop your Discord.

Then click delete:

The next to Discuss here is to How to reboot Discord.

How to reboot Discord?

The following steps you have to follow to reboot your Discord which is discussed below let get into it without wasting time.

1.Right Click on the Discord Logo.

2.Click on the properties option and then after clicking a file will open and then click on the compatibility option.

3.Then Checkbox the Run this program in Compatible mode and then select the service pack 3.

4.Save the process and then start the Discord.

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How to refresh Discord?

This process is quite easy than the other to refresh the discord you have to follow the process:

  1. Open Discord
  2. Type on your Keyboard CTRL + R.
  3. Your Discord will be refreshed and all the messages which are not displayed will be displayed.

How to Refresh Discord App?

If you are facing a problem on your mobile discord app means if the mic is not working or echo problem or anything else then the solution to it is only to Uninstall the app and then reinstall.


We have Disccus here to How to Restart Discord? and How to refresh the Discord the mobile app on the mobile. You just follow the steps mention above in the post.



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