How to quote on Discord 2023 latest easy mathod

Discord is a digital communication app and the easy way to communicate, talk, chat with others means friends or content created. It is made for the gaming industry but it becomes popular and being used for other communication. So in this post, I will tell you How to quote on Discord and spread happiness through it.

In the pandemic of Covid, many people are not feeling alone because of the usage of Discord they communicate, chat, text with their friends so it removes the feeling of alone and makes them more closely while they are far away. So in the pandemic, it gains a lot of Users and gaining many positive reviews.

Discord launched in 2015 to easily communicate while you are playing games. It is a group chatting app it makes you and your friends closer. It almost has 140 Million users but many users do not know how to quote in the chat so I will share it with you.

So Let start:


How to quote on Discord?

We already know that Discord is not for a business-related chat so it for gaming channels for voice and video and chatting so we know the need for a quote of chat in the chatting. Quote make easy to answer someone question and a good quote can give a smile to others.

Step 1

Single Line quoting

  • Single line quoting is the type of quote if you want to quote only one line of text. Just like if you like to quote “Hey there” there is no line break
  • To quote a single line, you should press “>” and space to add a quote in your comment.

Step 2

Multy Line quoting

  • Mean you want too many paragraphs not a single so you should use the same process as shown in the above step 1 but there is some more adding.
  • Add “>>>” before you start your paragraphs and add backspace and then in the end also add “>>>” again it will also be added in the quote.

The next thing which people wanna know is what is the quote bot and how can we add it.

Discord Quote Bot

this the news added by the discord in which the bot will manage your chat and will reply to others while you are playing the game and there are many types of bot mean there are high-level expensive bots and free low-level bots that reply to others.

the next thing which people wanna know is how to create a discord bot account?

How to create a Discord Bot account?

To work with the python library, we must make a discord bot account

So let start:

  1. Make sure that you are logged in to your account.
  2. Navigate or Click on the application page.
  3. Click on the new application.
  4. Make an application (give the name).
  5. Create the application.
  6. Go to the Bot tab and then click on the add bot option and click yes do it.
  7. And Default the public settings.
  8. Your bot will be created.

The next thing which people wanna know is how to remove the quote or text from the discord?

How to remove text/Quote from discord?

It is the easiest method in the discord app and you have to follow the following steps.

So let start:

Following steps:

  • Log in to your account if you are not logged in
  • Open the chat or message/quote which you want to remove
  • There will be a three-dot on the right side of the quote or message you send
  • Click on the three-dot
  • There will be a delete option
  • Click delete and it will be deleted.

The next Good question comes here is why discord there are many servers or chatting platforms.

Why Gamers chooses Discord? Why discord?

This is a very good question because there are many other platforms for chatting and video talking than why Discord. The answer to this question in my point of view is that it is a free app. It also has a premium but with very low rates and good is also designed for gamers so as you know gaming industry is also growing day after day so they took advantage of the growth and made this fantastic platform which is appreciated by many high-level gamers.

That is the reason that high Popular, Famous games like Fortnite and PUBG gamers are moving to Discord with a great audience. That is the reason that it,s users are now almost above 6.8 Million that is a huge number.

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