How to delete all Spotify Songs 2023


How to delete all Spotify Songs

Spotify is the largest song streaming platform. If you are a Spotify user then this post is important is useful or important for you I will tell in the post about ” How to delete all Spotify Songs“.

Spotify is the biggest platform for streaming music, Podcast, Digital Music, and video streaming and gives Many New and Latest songs to its Users. So many Users have a great number of Songs saved in their Library which may consume storage so you have to delete it but not know “HOW” so I will tell you that: How to delete all Spotify Songs.

The problem here the user’s face is that his Spotify Library becomes filled with songs but some songs or all the songs which he does not need to want to delete but not know it so in the first method I will teach you how to delete a song or multiple songs so Let’s begin.

How to delete a Spotify song

Step # 1

The first to delete a or only one song is to go to the Spotify app and Go to the above Library option.

How to delete all Spotify Songs

and after opening the Library there will POP up two option on the Top you have to Click on the Music option. and then click on the playlist option.

How to delete all Spotify Songs

and opening the playlist open the song which you want to delete it let,s suppose you want to delete a song I will show you how to delete it.

How to delete all Spotify Songs

after clicking on the playlist go to the bottom and you will see edit playlist click on it and select the song which you want to delete.

Then after clicking on the three dots you will get this type of picture.


How to delete all Spotify Songs

then after clicking delete it will be deleted from your Spotify library. so in this post, I tell you the method to how to delete your Spotify song on android mobile.

How to delete Spotify Songs from iPhone.

Method 2

In this method, I will tell you how to delete Spotify song on iPhone. It will also the almost same process in the first method you have to go to the Library and click on it.

Then you have to go to the song Playlist and then choose the song which you want to delete.

After clicking on the playlist and chose a song and click on the three dots and then delete it.

How to delete all Spotify Songs

then delete the deleted playlist.

How to delete all Spotify Songs

and then delete it.

How to delete Spotify songs on the computer

Method 3

In this method, I will tell you that how to delete Spotify Song from the computer so let’s begin:

So first you have to go to the Window Logo bar and click on it and click on the Spotify App to be open.

How to delete all Spotify Songs

After it will be the open go to your Library as done in the previous method the change in the computer Spotify is that it is large and changed layout but with the same things then you have to go the Playlist and click on the 70s, 80s, 90s as shown in the picture.

then as in the previous method, you have to go to the songs menu and right-click on the song and it will show you some options, and click on the delete option will pop up on the.

In this way told you all the ways to delete Spotify songs.

A problem that also comes to the Spotify users is that they cannot delete any songs on their playlist so I will help you in teaching the problem to be solved.

Why can’t I delete songs from my Spotify playlist?

This problem did not come to many users but it comes to a few because of a few reasons. This problem mostly comes to iPhone or Android users so here are the points which help you in solving the problem I will be sure that this will help you a lot in solving the problem

  • Haven’t Updated their new update
  • reinstall the app
  • Delete the tracks which are showing errors but clicking on the red icon



the next problem I will teach you to solve is how to delete the songs from your iTunes account.

How to delete Spotify Songs from your Itunes account or Mac

In this method, I will also teach you the same and the easiest method to delete your songs from the Spotify account it is the same as we did in the previous method this is the following points related to the previous one is

  • Open the Spotify app
  • Click on the Library
  • Click on the playlist
  • chose the song
  • and right-click on it and click on the deletes option
  • Your song will be Deleted


The next Problem I will teach you is how to recover your song from the playlist which deleted so let’s begin

How to recover Songs from the Playlist?

In this method, I will teach you to recover your songs because you saved your songs in the playlist, and some time with a mistake you click on the delete option and it becomes deleted so you have to do it immediately if not then your song will be permanent will be deleted so follow the steps

  • Log in to your Spotify account
  • Click on the option Recover playlist
  • and click on the playlist which you want to recover

It is possible that you created the playlist with some other account so be login with the original account

If you delete a track on your computer then the shortcut keywords are you have to type immediately are

  • Ctrl+z(for Mac)
  • Ctrl+shift+z(for Computer)

Some of the other Problem is that some users love some songs but when they see after some time the song is removed they think that Spotify removed it but this is not right so in this method, I will l like to sure the issue of deleting song automatically by Spotify.

Why does Spotify Remove Songs?

The reason for this problem is that Spotify is a platform where is music streams of another singer in this deal Spotify gives money to the music creators for the license for the music on Spotify but after some time the some of the music creators delete their songs from Spotify,  not the Spotify company deletes it the creators delete it because of the expired license that is the reason that some of the songs from your playlist are removed.

What Is Spotify App for?

Spotify is the app for streaming music and other video streaming. It is found in 2006 by the Spotify Company AB. It was found in Stockholm Sweden. His founder name is Martin and Daniel Ek. Spotify has many users in daily life who hears songs.

Spotify is int the largest content containing app it contains 87% of content on the Spotify app. 87% is not a short number amount it is a very very large amount that’s why I think its users love it because of plenty of amount of songs on just searching it will pop up in their front.

Spotify was public in 2018 with a market cap of 27.5$ billion dollars. and its founder said that they paid more 2$ billion to music rights from 2008. so you can see they are making it more secure without any copyright.

Spotify Users

there almost 286 Million Spotify active monthly users. It is a really huge number is see don’t know about you and almost 126 Million premium users MIND-BLOWING. 44% of users of Spotify hear music daily so you can calculate the number of users.

Spotify songs/Music

Above 50 Million tracks are available on Spotify. Post Mallone the most listened to artist of 2019 with 6.5 billion streaming. A really great number of users hear. Today,s Top,s hit playlist was followed by 26 million people. Sheeran is the most followed Artist with 62.9 million people (April 2020)












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