I will tell you in this article how to check Ufone number code 2020? It is very important to know your SIM number. If you do not know, you will read this article in its entirety.

What often happens is that we keep our SIM. But after a long time, they turn on the SIM. But we don’t remember the number and if we call anyone, the call doesn’t go because there is no balance in the SIM, so what can we do now?

Neither can we get the balance in this SIM. There must be a number to get the balance. Most people nowadays only bring balances and don’t load cards, that’s why I will explain in this article how to check Ufone sim number?

There are many ways to find out the number of Ufone SIM which I will tell you in full detail. You have to try all the methods one by one. So, let’s get started how to check my Ufone number?

How to Check Ufone Number Code 2020?

First Method

  • This is the first way to find out the number of Ufone. You can easily see your number.
  • First you have to open the keypad of your phone.
  • You have to dial this number (*780*3#) just like you dial the number to call someone by opening the keypad.
How To Check Ufone Number
How To Check Ufone Number
  • After dialing the number, you will see your SIM number.
  • But it is important to remember that your SIM must be in this mobile.
  • Sometimes a method doesn’t work, so you can switch to another method.

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Second Method

This is another way to check your Ufone number. This way you can also find out your Ufone SIM number.

It will also tell you the code you have to type and dial on your keypad.

You have to write this code (*1#) and dial it on your phone. After which you will see your SIM number.

  how to check ufone sim number online

how to check ufone sim number online

Third Method

If you want to know how to check Ufone number code 2020? So, you can try this method too. But in this way no one will give you the code. All you have to do is send a message which will reveal the details of your SIM. You can also check your Ufone number by looking at it.

  • First of all, you have to open your message where we send a message to someone.
  • You have to write MNP where you write your message.
 how to check my ufone number
how to check my ufone number
  • By writing MNP, you have to send 667.
 how to check my ufone number
how to check my ufone number
  • Then you have to wait a while you will receive a message.
  • If your number is also written in this message, then you can also check your Ufone number in this way. It will also have your ID card number and your full details. Details will come from the person whose name is SIM.
  • After seeing this method, people start sending this message from any other number, but let me tell you to send a message from the same SIM that you want to know the number of the SIM.

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How to check Ufone sim number online

Forth Method

It often happens that you do not receive their message due to the busy Ufone service. So, you can go to the PTA website and check your Ufone number from there.

But for this, it will be remembered that the person whose name is SIM, whose number you want to go home, it is very important to have an ID card. Only when you dial will you be able to check the number.

Fifth Method

You may know this method but I want to write full information to write the article that is why I am sharing this method with you.

If our SIM does not have balance and we want to see our SIM number. So, you may have noticed that when you call someone, your call balance does not go down due to low balance. But the one you’re calling gets a missed call. So even with that you can see the numbers.

For this, it is important that whenever you call another number and if you do not have a balance in your SIM, you should not cut the call at the same time. Your missed call should go to another number.

Sixth Method

How would you know if none of your methods worked? So, if it is very important for you to know the SIM number, then you can use this method.

There is a very simple method but you will also feel bad because it costs money. You have to get a card and load it in your SIM which you will get for 100 rupees. The card will not be lost, you can also standby later. When you load the card into your mobile, you can then call another number of your own to see your number.


In this article I have shown you all the ways on how you can check your Ufone SIM number. Some methods you may like and some methods you may not like. But I had to write full information so I have shared all the methods with you. I’m sorry for some of this you may know.

I hope you have learned how to check Ufone number code 2020? If you liked this article, you can also share it with your friends. It will help us.

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