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Signs of coronavirus by day: stages of COVID-19 in mild, moderate and severe forms of the disease in adults

Chinese scientists estimate that 80% of the world’s cases of coronavirus infection are mild or asymptomatic. 15% is severe, which requires oxygen therapy. The remaining 5% are critically ill patients who require mechanical ventilation. Tenant screening service can also help you prevent the chances of getting infection.


Examination of an elderly man

In 2020, specialists from Wuhan published the results of a study of patients who recovered or died within a month in two local medical institutions. According to them, you can identify the main signs of coronavirus by day. They differ for mild, moderate and severe COVID-19.

How do the symptoms of coronavirus appear?

There are cases when the first signs of the disease were detected as early as 2-3 days after contact with the SARS-CoV-2 carrier. This means that the incubation period of infection can be two days. The maximum documented period is 27 days. On average, the early symptoms of covid appear in 5-6.

These indicators depend on several factors:

  • The degree of intimacy when communicating with an infected person;
  • The dose of the resulting infection;
  • The state of the body’s defense system.

Mild course of coronavirus: symptoms by day

With this form of the disease, signs of infection appear mildly and almost imperceptibly. They can be confused with colds or SARS if respiratory features are detected earlier than disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Sometimes the signals are familiar and imperceptible, the so-called asymptomatic coronavirus appears. This form of the disease also refers to a mild infection. It usually occurs in adults under 35, children and adolescents.

Day 1

There is an unpleasant sensation in the nose and throat, as if something is itching, as well as pain when swallowing. Some patients reported a mild runny nose, although previously it was not considered a sign of covid.

Sneezing attacks are possible, which, together with other symptoms, resemble the typical onset of a cold. On examination of the throat, a slight reddening of the back wall is noticeable.

The temperature rises slightly – up to a maximum of 37.5 degrees.

Lost appetite

Day 2-4

Most infected people experience partial or complete loss of smell and ability to distinguish between tastes. Typically, this covid trait persists for several days and recovers completely. Anosmia and ageusia is the culmination of a mild form of covid.

In some patients, a superficial cough begins. Sometimes vomiting occurs with an upset stomach.

Day 5-6

The ability to capture tastes and odors is fully or partially restored.

Day 7

Shortness of breath is possible.

Day 8-14

Clinical recovery is coming. The body gradually regains strength. But also at this moment people can still infect a person at risk, so self-isolation is recommended.

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Moderate Covid: Symptoms by Day

With this form of the disease, 7-10 days are considered the most important. At this time, the peak of immunity activity occurs. If he does not cope with the infection, a severe course of the coronavirus sets in, which requires the connection of a mechanical ventilation device (ventilator).

The first warning sign of infection is an increased temperature. Muscle pain occurs. She appears suddenly. For example, in the morning there was a slight malaise, and after a few hours the person’s condition deteriorated sharply.

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