How iCloud Stores Your Private Information and Photos

IPhone users often have questions about how iCloud works on their devices. Even the heroes of the movie “Home Video”, who accidentally uploaded their porn to the cloud, did not understand what was happening. Therefore, we briefly answer the questions: what will happen if you remove a photo from iCloud, and what will happen if you delete it from your phone?


What happens if you eliminate a photo from iCloud

in case a user destroy an image from your phone while syncing with iCloud is turned on, it will disappear from the cloud too. Automatic syncing in iCloud works a little differently from other clouds, such as Google Photos, OneDrive and Yandex.Disk, which do not delete photos after deleting them from the phone. Please note that if you have uploaded a photos on a different server or device, like on a social platform, you won’t be able to remove them easily. You will need some legal services, like Eliminare una foto da Google to remove your images from Google Result.

How to view photos in iCloud

If you’re on Windows, use the web interface or download an app that syncs photos from iCloud with a folder on your computer. The cloud site can be accessed through mobile Safari, Chrome, or an Android browser. There you can see what is already synchronized and what is not yet. Through the web interface and the application, you can also download all photos from iCloud to your computeror clear the cloud, but for this you need to unbind the application with photos first.

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How to unlink photos from iCloud

ICloud stores not only photos, but also a lot of information: information about installed applications, data in these applications, calendar, notes, and so on. In the settings, you can specify which data will remain in the cloud, and cancel photo syncing. Thereafteryou can delete photos from your phone – they will not disappear from the cloud, because there is no synchronization.

This will not delete the photos from the cloud, but there is an important point… Disable synchronization only if the checkbox was in front of the “Save original” item. In this case, the photos are stored both on the phone and in the cloud. If the checkbox was opposite to “Optimize storage”, then, perhaps, only small copies are stored on the phone, and the photos themselves are in the cloud. The iPhone decides for itself how and when to compress photos, so there is a danger of losing some of the photos.

How to send one photo to iCloud

iCloud can be used to share individual photos even if sync is disabled on your phone. Photos that have been uploaded in this way will not be deleted after they are deleted on the phone.

Select a photo in the Photos app – click the Share button – Save to Files. After that, you can send the snapshot to someone if you click “Copy iCloud Link” in the same menu. Photos uploaded to the cloud appear in the Files app or in the browser under the iCloud Drive tab .

Is the music stored in iCloud too?

Yes, but it does not take up space in the cloud storage, for which you pay money (well, or do not pay). Music is also synchronized between all connected devices via iCloud, but you can add 100 thousand tracks to your library. If for some reason you do not want the music to be synced, then turn it off.

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