5 Tips to Help You Get More Instagram Likes

Do you want to get more Instagram likes on your posts? Likes on Instagram is vital for engagement on the platform. When you get more likes, it helps ensure your future posts get more exposure. It is possible for the algorithm shows your audience more of what interests them. You can also buy Instagram likes to boost your Instagram posts higher in the user news feeds. Also, not to forget that more likes are beneficial for you to get more traffic and more followers, as most people tend to look at your entire account if they like the content you share. So, likes are vital in improving your overall Instagram strategy. Below are ways you can get more Instagram likes.

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    Share images that work

Share images that work

The images you share on Instagram are the most vital part of your strategy on Instagram. Thus, let’s start with them. As you share an image targeting likes, think about what drives your followers to like your posts. Look at the old posts and analyze them. See the ones with the most likes. But, for the new accounts with few posts. Check your competitors accounts and see what they post. Once you understand what images get likes, create similar ones and share them. Share designed images and photos on your Instagram feed as the two main types of images. For a predesigned image, add a fact or a quote. Something entertaining to get more likes, entertaining content does well.

  1. Run like and tag to win contests

One easy way to drive engagement is through liking to win contests. For this contest, add a picture on your Instagram and ask your audience to like the post. It is an easy process, and plenty of people will participate, especially if you offer a prize for them to win. Therefore, if your engagement is lacking, try this tip to boost it. Optionally, for better results, run a like and tag contest. Let your followers like and tag someone in the comments to participate in it. Some people who receive the tags will like the post and tag others. In this way, the contest will increase following, likes and comments. Also, the contest can be about tag, like, and follow. And see how you find it fit to give your page a boost.

  1. Schedule at best times 

Schedule at best times

What time do you publish your posts? Do they get a lot of engagement at the time you did? Figure out the best time to get more interactions and schedule around it. However, keep in mind when there is low competition, engagement rates are higher. For instance, when few people post around 11 pm and 3 am. Because of the few posts competing against yours, you get increased attention. More attention means a higher overall exposure. However, keep experimenting until you are sure you are getting the right audience. Plus, with time, you find an optimal posting schedule.

  1. Reshare on other networks 

Use your Instagram following on other social networks and reshare your Instagram posts on these social networks. As you cross-share, you lead the followers from other social networks to your Instagram page, and in this way, you get more likes. Instagram allows you to share posts to Facebook and Twitter when you publish. Therefore, use this way to gunner more likes. Additionally, remember to like others posts. For example, randomly like photos of people, you do not follow on Instagram, and you will get likes and followers from this action. Also, you can like posts you find entertaining and posts related to your business.

  1. Use call to actions and hashtags in captions 

Use call to actions and hashtags in captions

Sometimes if you want likes, ask for them. To do this, add a simple message like please like my post in the caption. Also, placing it as an overlay text helps. Many businesses are using this tactic to get likes and followers. Therefore, add hashtags every time you publish, but ensure you do not overdo it. To avoid making your post look like a spam post. Hashtags are available for any posts you publish. From the popular ones or those belonging to a certain niche.

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