How To Get Fresh Notes From Banks in Pakistan? 2 Ways

On the occasion of Eid in Pakistan we need new notes. So today I will tell you how to get fresh notes from banks in Pakistan?

Whether it is Eid-ul-Fitr or Eid-ul-Azha, we use new notes to give Eid to children. So that’s what a lot of people search for how to get new currency notes in Pakistan? Whenever Eid is approaching, new notes are given to you by the bank. But no one knows how to take new notes. That’s why they can’t take new notes.

Eid is a very good day for Muslims. At this we wear new clothes and try to give Eid to our children in new notes. So, let’s get started how to get fresh notes from banks in Pakistan?


How to get fresh notes from banks in Pakistan?

  • A few days before Eid, the bankers start this scheme.
  • We have to send a message from our mobile number which leads to our registration.
  • You have to open the place where you write the message in your mobile.
  • Then you have to write your ID card number there.
  • And after giving space, you have to enter the code of your nearest branch.
how to get fresh notes from banks in Pakistan?
how to get fresh notes from banks in Pakistan?
  • Each bank has a branch code and you have to search the net to find out which bank you have. And what is its branch code? You have to dial it here.
  • You have to send this message to 8877.
  • You will then receive a message in which you will be told the date in which you have to go to the bank whose code you have entered.

Important Note

  1. When you go to the bank, you have to take your original ID card and a copy of your ID card.
  2. Also, you must not delete the message that came to you. You have to write a code in which you have to write to the bank then you will get the money.
  3. You can take up to 18,000 new notes, you can’t take more than that.
  4. You have to take a check of Rs 18,000 or cash to the bank.
  5. If you want to take less than 18 thousand new notes, you can take less money but you cannot take new notes above 18 thousand.

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Other Way Without Bank

In addition to Eid, we also need new notes on our wedding day. But near Eid you get new notes from the bank. If your wedding or the wedding of any of your friends took place between Eid, you will get new notes from the bank. But if it happened after Eid, it will be a problem for you. So, you know how to get new currency notes in Pakistan?

You will find many shops in your city where you will be given new notes. But it will cost you more money. If you take a thousand notes, you will have to pay more than a thousand. In the shops you find two types of new notes, they are priced separately.

One is the notes that make you look a little old but new. Their price is low. If you take a little old note, you take a thousand rupees note. So, you have to pay one thousand and fifty rupees.

And if you want to get a full new note, you have to pay from three hundred to four hundred rupees. If you take a brand-new note of one thousand, you will pay thirteen hundred or fourteen hundred rupees.


Eid is approaching so the bank gives you this service so you can easily get new notes from the bank so I hope you have learned a lot from this article how to get fresh notes from banks in Pakistan?

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