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If you are also interested in news then this article is just for you. I will tell you about it How to geo news live in Android. Geo News is a great platform. Which provides you news. If there is any news in the world, it gives you news. This is a great news channel of Pakistan.

It works live on TV, but some people do not have a TV or cable in their home. So, they watch it live on the internet. But they know how to watch live or how we can watch Geo channel on our mobile.

So, in this article I will tell you How to geo news streaming in Android or PC. If you don’t know then read this article in its entirety so let’s get started.


First way: Geo News Live

There are many ways to watch Geo Channel live which I will tell you can watch on any one of them. The first method is that you can install it on your computer, laptop and mobile. They are all the same way.

All the news channels in Pakistan have come up on YouTube. If you have internet, you can watch the news channel live on YouTube. Very easy way.

To watch Geo News channel on YouTube, first open your Google Chrome.

If you are on mobile standby, you can also open the YouTube app.

Then you have to search Geo News  on YouTube and you will come across their channel.

When you click on their channel, there will be a live streaming. There is a Geo News live channel. You can watch it by clicking on it.

This is the easiest way but if you don’t want to standby YouTube you can watch the next way.

Second Way: Live Geo News Channel

First you have to open Google Chrome.

Open Google Chrome and open Google there.

Then you have to write Geo News Live on Google.

 live streaming news
live streaming news

You will find their website at number one.

 live streaming news
live streaming news

In Android

You can also watch Geo News channel by applying on your mobile phone.

First you have to go to the Play Store.

You have to search Geo News Live on Play Store.

 live streaming news
live streaming news

The first thing you will find is their application. You can go directly to this application through this article.