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If you want to download any video from YouTube to your mobile’s gallery, you have to take the help of third-party software and applications. GenYoutube is also a third-party software through which you can download any YouTube video.

Although there are many YouTube Video Downloaders available in the market, at present GenYoutube has become a very popular YouTube Video Downloader that is used by many users. So we thought, why not provide you with information about the YouTube website today?

In today’s article, we will give you all the information about what are GenYoutube, how to download YouTube audio and video from GenYoutube, features of GenYoutube, and whether downloading YouTube videos from GenYoutube is legal or not, etc.

So to know about GenYoutube, stay with us till the end of this article – How to download videos from GenYoutube.


What is Gen YouTube?

GenYoutube is online software with the help of which you can download any YouTube video. The most special thing about this app is that you can download the video in whatever quality you want.

You can download videos in quality like Mp4, Mp3, WebMD, 3GP, FLV, SD, HD, etc. GenYoutube allows fast downloading of YouTube videos.

Whatever YouTube video you want to download, copy the link and paste it on this website, and then you can download the video in any format and quality you choose.

GenYoutube software was started in the year 2017. GenYoutube was started as a YouTube Alternative in which you can search any YouTube video. Like YouTube, GenYoutube also recommends videos to its users.

How to download videos from YouTube?

It is effortless to download videos and their audio formats available on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Share Chat through the YouTube website. You can download any YouTube video from GenYoutube by following the following process.

  • First of all, open YouTube in your web browser.
  • After this, open the video you want to download.
  • Copy the link to the YouTube video from the browser.
  • If you are using a YouTube App, then to copy the link, click on the Share icon below the video and then copy the link of the video.
  • Now open the official website of GenYoutube, Genyt.Net.
  • Paste the link of the video you have copied here at the top, and then click on the Go button.
  • Now that video will appear on the screen in front of you; after scrolling this page a bit, you will get the option of Generate Download Link; click on it.
  • After this, the download link of that video will appear in front of you in different formats, you can download the YouTube video by clicking on whatever format quality you want to download the YouTube video in.

In this way, you can download any of your favorite YouTube videos with the help of GenYoutube.

How to install the GenYoutube browser extension?

You can install GenYoutube as an extension in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. You will find GenYoutube Extension links for these three browsers on the official website of GenYoutube. You can download and install the GenYoutube extension in your browser.

Features of GenYoutube

There are many features present in GenYoutube software that make this software different from others. Following are some of the major features of YouTube.

  • GenYoutube is super-fast software, which allows you to download large-size YouTube videos in a very short time.
  • You can also search and play videos on YouTube.
  • You can search for any episode or movie and also download them.
  • You can shorten the searched video on the basis of Date, Time, Title, View Count, and Rating.
  • GenYoutube supports 55 formats for downloading songs or videos, which include Mp4, Mp3, WebMD, 3GP, FLV, etc.
  • Any restricted video on YouTube can also be downloaded through GenYoutube.
  • GenYoutube also lets you download Vivo, Region Protected, and Age-Restricted Videos.

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If you also want to download YouTube videos for free, GenYoutube is a good option. Nowadays it is a very popular YouTube Video Downloader. Through GenYoutube, you can download YouTube videos in any format to your mobile gallery.

We hope, friends, you would have liked the information given in this blog post, and you would have learned how to download YouTube videos using GenYoutube. Still, if you have any doubt in your mind regarding this article, then you can tell us in the comment box.

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And with this article, you can easily understand about how you can enjoy free videos of your choice. So what you are waiting for. Start using this app and share your thoughts and comments.

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