Tips to Make a Good Content to Gain More Free Instagram Followers

In order to have more free Instagram followers, good quality content is definitely important. Content is the key to gaining popularity. You can’t be popular on Instagram by creating randomized content. Making and sharing posts that are related to your audiences is definitely important.


Tips to Make a Good Content to Gain More Free Instagram Followers

1. Write a Long Instagram Caption

Long Instagram captions will make you look real so that users and potential free Instagram followers would like it.

If you want to get a lot of Instagram followers without the Instagram followers app, another effort you can make is to make posts with long captions.

Did you know that long captions allow the audience to learn about your profile, brand and mission?

Now, on average, many Instagram account users write long captions of up to 405 words.

2. Take Part In Viral Topics

Hashtags that are going viral will also help you increase the number of followers. Twitter and Instagram always have viral topics that are being discussed. You can also use this to increase your IG followers.

The trick is to embed viral topic hashtags into your Instagram content. The hashtags in the content will bring you together with potential new followers.

Especially if the content is relevant to the information sought by the potential follower, surely they will become your followers in an instant.

Examples of some universal hashtags that are widely used by users are #instagood, #photooftheday #fun and #tbt. These hashtags are attracting more people, so you can try to apply them to attract a lot of followers too.

3. Share Selfies

Selfie photos get more likes and comments from users to lure new followers. Even though your Instagram account is entirely about business, don’t erase the essence of user-friendly and humane content.

You don’t always have to post pictures of your products, but you are also allowed to post selfie content related to the brand.

The 2020 Instagram trend states as many as 38 percent of IG users prefer selfie posts, whether in the form of photos or videos, to bring in lots of likes and comments.

Companies can take advantage of the potential of employees to be invited to appear in the Instagram content.

Usually, if employees are used to being involved in creating this content, then there is a possibility that your employee’s network of friends can become new followers for the company because of the proximity factor in it.

4. Review Keywords in Instagram Account

Reviewing the right keywords in your Instagram account will make it easier for followers to find you.

Another thing you can do is review the Instagram account keywords, namely by changing the Instagram bio name without changing the username.

You can write an Instagram bio with other notes that can represent who you are.


As you can see, gaining new followers on Instagram isn’t that hard, as long as you know what are the steps you need to follow.

However, you can use certain methods like the Instagram followers app or Instagram followers hack, likeIns Followers. But, before approaching the instant techniques, it’s better to optimize your content by doing these simple steps.

By creating good relevant content that’s loved by many, you may have a higher chance to obtain more followers in the future.

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