What is the full form of MLA?

MLA is the acronym of the “Member of the Legislative Assembly”. Here MLA is a public representative who is elected by the voters of that region. These voters are the people of that electoral district to the legislature of the state government. For each constituency, there is the presence of a separate constituent assembly the leader or the head who leads that assembly is nothing but a member of the legislative assembly only.

They can elect any person among all the members of the constituent assembly. Basically the term MLA refers a subnational assembly like territory, province and few instances. In the Indian system of the government MLA is person who is responsible for all the activities that are taking place inside his constituency. A MLA must have the capability to take all the complaints that are given by the public and he must try to bring suitable solution to the problem by taking this issue into the notice of the state government. Since India is a democratic country local governance is given greater importance than any others. That’s why this MLA play a crucial rolein politics.

full form of MLA Introduction

In our state we have two types of houses. Which are known as the upper house and the lower house. Here the upper house is “State legislative council “and “State legislative assembly” is called as the lower house. Their names itself define the power of the both houses. But both the houses have their own significance. The limit of the legislative assembly is from 60 to 500 members . But the largest constituency in our country with more number of legislative members is Uttar Pradesh with atmost 403 members. And the smallest assembly with least number of the members in the assemblyof Goa.That too with only 40 members. All this members are referred with the term “house members”.

Eligibility criteria of a MLA

 To become the member of the legislative assembly one must obey the rules and regulations which are mentioned below. The rules are,

  • The person who is going to apply for the MLA seat must be the resident of the India.
  • Age limit of the person must and should cross the twenty two years.
  • He must have the legible vote in his constituency.

If all three rules are obeyed then irrespective of the caste and gender any one can apply for the MLA seat in their respective constituency.

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Almost all the political things that are going to done in a region is done only under the guidance of the MLA. Usually for each MP (Member of the parliament) they will assign 7 to 9 MLA’s. All the orders for the MLA are taken from the MP only. The whole process is taking place in the Lok Sabha this is the another name of the lower house. And the other name for the upper house is “Rajya Sabha”. MLA must use all his powers in perfect manner for the welfare of the people and the development of the society. He should serve as best tool for the local area  improvement in all fields.

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