Forensic Examination Services: All You Need to Know

Forensic examination is a procedural action assigned at the request of an interested person, a prosecutor, investigation, inquiry, or at the initiative of a court. It implies conducting research and issuing an opinion on issues requiring specific knowledge. The right to engage in this type of activity is issued to specialized expert organizations that meet the requirements established by law. During the examination, a study of documents, objects, and other material evidence is carried out. In the conclusion, transmitted to the judicial authorities, in writing, information about the course and results of the study, as well as conclusions on issues of interest, are clearly, concisely and unambiguously set out. To choose the best forensic services in Australia region, please visit Australia forensic specialists.


What are the Requirements to Use Forensic?

Carrying out a forensic engineering and technical examination is impossible without the use of a large number of special equipment and equipment, since it solves a huge list of important tasks. Most often, the study is ordered by the court (independently or as a satisfaction of the petition). However, you can order the study on your own initiative, which will reduce legal costs and trial time. Qualified specialists of the company are able to resolve any controversial issues.

Forensic construction expertise

Forensic examination in construction is one of the most labor-intensive. According to the requirements of the legislation, the construction expertise should involve qualified specialists with appropriate training in the field of construction technologies, materials science and mechanics, design and organization of construction production. The subject of this type of forensic examination is economic, organizational, technical and other issues related to the quality of building materials and work, the actual volume and cost of work performed, the technical condition of building structures, etc. Their decision will ensure the establishment of the circumstances in administrative, criminal and civil cases.

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Services of qualified experts

The multidisciplinary independent forensic expertise provides quite impressive services since it is a team of team of experts. During the examination, a number of mandatory activities provided for by law are carried out:

  • Analysis of materials and material evidence is carried out;
  • Documents are studied, including the protocols of the investigation;
  • The factual information necessary for making a decision in court is established;
  • A conclusion is drawn up, which contains information for the provision of evidence in court.

The result of the work of our independent experts will be a conclusion with a detailed description of the research conducted, with substantiated conclusions and answers to the questions posed in the court. Forensic expertise from our company is fully compliant with the law. If necessary, our expert can appear in court to give evidence and explanations on the examination.

  • Our experts have highly specialized knowledge that allows them to conduct research in a specific field of activity.
  • In our work, we use exclusive methods and technologies created by our specialists over the years of their activity.
  • We provide consulting services and provide legal support.
  • We respect confidentiality.
  • We fulfill our obligations on time.

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