Ways to Fix LinkedIn Not Working on Windows

LinkedIn for Windows makes it more convenient to work smarter, explore opportunities, and unlock your professional potential. So, if the platform won’t open, these simple ways to fix LinkedIn not working on Windows will do the magic and get LinkedIn running again.

Signing out and back into your account, clearing browser cookies and cache, disabling browser extensions, and switching to a different device are ways to resolve LinkedIn on Windows issues.

If LinkedIn works properly on a different browser, then troubleshoot the browser and try again. Once the issue is fixed, login and start unlocking your professional potential. Furthermore, buying LinkedIn connections will enable you to reach many opportunities.


What Are The Causes Of Linkedin Not Working On Windows?

Sometimes poor internet connection can be the cause. If it’s not, you might be trying to open LinkedIn on your Windows with an unsupported browser. Also, LinkedIn breaches occasionally. If there’s an issue on the backend, you’ll have to wait until LinkedIn goes live again. Most of the time, the downtimes are temporary and are resolved automatically.

Meanwhile, here are some other reasons LinkedIn won’t run on Windows:

  • An out-of-date version of LinkedIn can make it not work on Windows
  • Incomplete or interrupted installation process can be a culprit too
  • Firewalls, antivirus settings, and security settings on the browser can make it not work
  • Poor network signal strength will make LinkedIn not work on your Windows

If you’re sure all these are not guilty of stopping LinkedIn from working on your computer, then it’s high time you try these Quick Fixes.

Linkedin Not Working On Windows: Quick Fix

Linkedin Not Working On Windows: Quick Fix

Simply navigate to LinkedIn Help Center and save yourself some effort and time. This is the fastest way to fix LinkedIn not running on Windows. You will chat directly with the care agents or submit complaint forms. Thanks to their quick response and assistance, you can get your LinkedIn working again.

Moreover, you can find helpful information in the Suggested Articles section, as a few users may have experienced similar issues.

You can create a discussion forum and post your problem. Users with similar experiences will provide solutions they used to resolve theirs.

How To Fix Linkedin Not Working On Windows: Several Options

Below is a systematic guide to fixing LinkedIn not working on Windows:

Sign Out and Re-Log in – Or Try another Account

Sign Out and Re-Log in – Or Try another Account

If restarting a computer can fix some of its issues, re-logging into your LinkedIn account might do the magic too.

To sign out:

  • Navigate to “Me” You can find it at the top right section of the main menu
  • Hit the pop-up button and select “Sign OutThis takes you back to LinkedIn’s Welcome Page.
  • At this stage, hit “Sign In” and enter your account information
  • LinkedIn should work fine now. If not, clear your browsing data and try again.

Clear Browsing Data – Clear Cookies & Cache

Clearing your browser’s cookies and the cache will erase all stored data from the browser. You can gradually restore them as you browse over time.

Here’s how:

  • Press CTRL + Shift + Del to bring up the clear browsing data box
  • Check “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” too
  • Hit “Clear Data”

Once this is done, open LinkedIn again, if it loads, sign back into your account and check if the problem is resolved.

If clearing the browser cache and cookies didn’t solve it, try a different browser.

Try Different Browsers

Try other browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Ice Dragon, UC Browser, Opera Mini, etc. If your current browser is Chrome, you may try switching to a different one and try again.

If the problem persists, then it’s likely that some extensions are stopping LinkedIn from opening on your windows.

Disable Browser Extensions

Some browser extensions, especially Ad-blockers, may be interfering with how LinkedIn works on your computer. If you don’t want to remove the extensions completely, you can disable them and try reaccessing LinkedIn.

You can do it one at a time while you keep refreshing LinkedIn. That way, you can identify the culprit.

To disable your browser extensions:

On Opera Mini

  • Hit the cube-like button in the upper-right section of your screen and select “Manage Extension

On Chrome:

  • Hit the puzzle-shaped button in the top-right section of your screen and hit “Manage Extensions.”

Manage Extensions

Check out this YouTube video for more information on disabling browser extensions.

However, if LinkedIn still won’t work? Maybe you should disable some VPN services.

Enable Or Disable Vpn Services

Some sites will block you if your VPN service’s provided IP address is unstable, malicious, or blacklisted. Maybe that’s why LinkedIn won’t work on your windows. Disable your VPN and try again.

If it doesn’t still work, you may enable your VPN to change your previous location and IP address. This could work if your previous IP address for LinkedIn is blacklisted.

For visual guidance on enabling or disabling VPN services, refer to this video on YouTube.

Reset Your Browser Settings

Reset Your Browser Settings

As your browsers are prone to update over time, some settings may not be compatible with some sites. To restore your browser back to its default settings:

  • Navigate to the 3 vertical dots in the right top corner of your browser and select “Settings.”
  • You’ll find “Reset and Clean up” on the left sidebar of your window.

Reset and Clean up

  • Select “Restore settings to their original defaults” and Hit “Reset Settings.”

Restore settings to their original defaults

Doing this completely resets your browser settings to default. The only downside here is that all your stored data in the browser is erased. So, you’ll start from scratch.

This is one of the ways to fix LinkedIn not working on windows. However, if not, try opening LinkedIn from another device.

Troubleshoot LinkedIn App on Windows

Troubleshoot LinkedIn App on Windows

While this process may be tasking, it’s a sure fix for LinkedIn not working on Windows.

Whether it’s a tiny bug that won’t let you make the most out of LinkedIn, these troubleshooting techniques should help you fix it.

To troubleshoot LinkedIn on Windows:

  • Quit the app on your Windows and reopen it
  • If required, update the app on your computer
  • Shut down the computer and restart it again
  • Upgrade your Windows version to a higher version. If you were using Windows 8, you might upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, etc.
  • Uninstall the LinkedIn app from your computer. Redownload it and install it again.
  • Open the LinkedIn app, log in, and see if the issue is resolved.

If you’re using LinkedIn on mobile and it’s not working, don’t panic. Watch this YouTube video to learn more about troubleshooting LinkedIn on your mobile.

If this fails, then LinkedIn is having a backend problem. However, before you conclude or decide to replace LinkedIn with any other alternative social network, try running it on another device.

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Try with Another Device

Try accessing it with a different computer or mobile. If it opens, your previous device is not letting LinkedIn run on it.

If your computer has a software issue, it could compromise how other apps or services work. Since you can’t tell whether your device is the problem, you just need to switch to another device.

However, if LinkedIn is still not working, don’t hesitate to complain to LinkedIn. That way, you’ll know whether the problem is from your windows or LinkedIn’s end.

How Do I Complain To Linkedin?

How Do I Complain To Linkedin?

It’s easy to report your problem to LinkedIn. You can contact LinkedIn through its help center or social media accounts. Check the two ways to do that below.

●     LinkedIn Help Center

Since LinkedIn won’t open, you just need to search on Google for the LinkedIn Help Center. Open the first site on your search result page.

Type Contact LinkedIn in the search bar and hit Enter. Scroll down to the bottom of the result page and select Contact us.

From the Contact options on your screen, select “Get Help from Us.” You’ll need to fill in your First name, Last name, Email address, and question.

Bear in mind! A LinkedIn representative may access your account as needed, including your settings and messages. This will help them fish out the problem and troubleshoot it.

One more thing: – Sending a screenshot of your screen can give them a better understanding of the issue.

●     Social Media

Another way to inform LinkedIn about your problem is through social media. So many sites and organizations are always active and respond faster on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Thus, if you tweet a complaint with a hashtag or mention it to LinkedIn Help (@LinkedInHelp), you may get a quick response and solution to your problem.

You just need to find LinkedIn’s official name on social media and mention them.

Still Not Working? Contact Linkedin Helpdesk

If all these fixes fail, you should contact the LinkedIn help desk immediately. The Contact Us form should get you directly in touch with a LinkedIn customer care agent.

They may access your account, if necessary, to resolve the issue. While this process may take a while, sometimes, you can look up your cases and statuses at LinkedIn.com/Help/LinkedIn/Cases.

On the other hand, LinkedIn’s help desk is only available to Premium members. Plus, the feature is fading out gradually. Thus, you may not have access to it.

Nevertheless, you can still get a live chat guide from a member of the LinkedIn team. You will find the “Chat with us” option if you scroll down to the end of the page.


To get access back into your LinkedIn, try these easy ways to fix LinkedIn not working on Windows. Whether you troubleshoot the app, reset your browser settings, disable VPN services, disable ad-blockers, or contact the LinkedIn help desk, etc., you’ll surely find a solution.

If you think Chrome is behind the problem, you can switch to a new device or browsers like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, and Microsoft Edge.

Sometimes, if your account is restricted or compromised, you may not be able to access LinkedIn again. So, you may need to create a new LinkedIn account and try again. But, if LinkedIn won’t still run on Windows with the new account, one thing is sure, LinkedIn is Down.

So, if LinkedIn is facing downtime, you just have to wait a while before trying to access the site again.

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