Discord Mobile App can,t watch Live stream 2023


Discord Mobile App can,t watch Live stream

This is fantastic application help other peoples like gamers and other YouTube channels to communicate with each other. So I am telling you Discord Mobile App can,t watch Live stream? 

This application is just like another platform as you know like Skype and a professional communication platform like Slack.

Discord is launch in 2015. He is the founder is Jason Citron who is also the founder of Social gaming technology called Open Feit. There are almost 6.8 Million users of Discord which are not stopping growing each day and minute. From these stats, you can check how discord is growing become a big platform and leaving others Behind like Skype and others, etc.

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Discord is a desktop application but also works on mobile. In it, you can communicate to others through message, Voice message, and video call Just Like WhatsApp. IT also offers premium offers for users.

No doubt about the Discord is fantastic on the desktop but there is a problem coming on mobile users Like Screen is buffering, Blurring and the screen becomes black. In this article, I will help you with it,

So let’s solve it:

Sometimes When the user opens the Discord and opens the live Stream and suddenly it becomes black and can,t hear anything. This problem comes to most of the Users so I will teach you through photos.

1.Black Screen Or Can,t Hear

In this issue, you have to close your discord and go to the bottom of the bar and there will be a search tool like in the photo.

Type here Discord and it will come in your front. and click there that Run as an Administrator and your problem will be almost solved because it will more efficient than the previous time.

Discord Mobile App can,t watch Live stream

But if your problem is still coming then there is another way to let go of it:

2. Method 2

The second method is going to the Discord and opens there is the bottom of the setting go there and the list will be a POP up in front of you and then you have to to the voice and chat option.

Discord Mobile App can,t watch Live stream

and make sure you turn in the two options. These are described in the photo and make sure to turn them off if they are on. The two points will be written as:

  • Use our latest technology to capture your screen
  • Use a practical Method to capture audio from an application


then you have to Exict as done in the previous method If the problem is coming again and again then you can on these to work then if the problem is coming again then there is a problem in your mobile and your Desktop which is blocking the streaming and in the window, it should be your Software and window maybe.

3.Method 3

If the problem coming again then again go to the setting and then also go again to the Voice and chat and go down you will find two option which is described in the photo:

Discord Mobile App can,t watch Live stream

Turn them, off ok.

then turn off the Discord and go to the main screen and clear your trash Type there

Windows Logo + R

and a run menu will come in front of you and type %appdata% and a file will come and click on Discord and clear the trash.

Discord Mobile App can,t watch Live stream
Discord Mobile App can,t watch Live stream

after typing it you will get a file just like it

Discord Mobile App can,t watch Live stream
Discord Mobile App can,t watch Live stream

and now open the discord option and click


and it will select all and you have to delete it. and after it is not solved then the final solution is that delete and download again it will help you.

The question rises here that:

Why Gamers chooses Discord?

This is a very good question because there are many other platforms for chatting and video talking than why Discord. The answer to this question in my point of view is that it is a free app. It also has a premium but with very low rates and good service.it is also designed for gamers so as you know gaming industry is also growing day after day so they took advantage of the growth and made this fantastic platform which is appreciated by many high-level gamers.

That is the reason that high Popular, Famous games like Fortnite and PUBG gamers are moving to Discord with a great audience. That is the reason that it,s users are now almost above 6.8 Million that is a huge number.